These are the notes for the June 28th, 2015 call, originally recorded at


  1. Issues
    1. Raspberry Pi image build hangs during rpi-update.
      • New users use the rpi regularly, it's a stepping stone.
      • It's still quite popular.
      • We should try the latest 4.x Linux rebase of RPi
    2. uaputl to be removed from testing (bug #778152)
      • Not much of an issue for us, dependency is being removed.
    3. Network interface sorting script (bug #789441)
      • we are calling a removed udev script so we should update to record device rules correctly.
    4. Debian CI for freedombox-setup (

      • Failing because of ejabberd and jwchat are pre-installed during fbx-setup. Don't need to be installed on the base image because installing through plinth works fine.
      • not running because manual intervention required. whose?
      • james has already submitted patches to remove both.
      • we aren't sure how to run the checks debian-ci does. check with: pere
    5. Publishing fbx-setup and plinth.
      • incomplete, Nick needs permissions to upload.
      • should probably include some of the folks on the call, generally.
  2. Review Needed
    1. [X] Patch to allow root user to modify LDAP user directory (bug #787128)
      • ladp was configured in fbx-setup, which wasn't correct. any root/sudo user can modify the user directory.
      • sunil has tested through other methods and found it good.
    2. [X] plinth pull request to create ldap users when new users created.
      • merged.
      • eliminate posix users, generally, just do users through ldap.
      • plinth to allow non-admin ldap users.
      • service -> apache auth -> ldap auth: all ACL stuff managed through plinth.

      • ldap users have passwords inside of ldap. go cert-only via apache?
    3. [X] plinth pull to make ejabberd use ldap authorization
      • merged.
    4. [X] Patch to use nmcli for interface setup (bug #786689)
      • previously, wrote directly to network interfaces file. that sucks.
      • currently, we use n-m to configure interfaces and end users can edit them through plinth. that's nice.
      • merged in upstream.
    5. [ ] End-User Manual for next release (

      • james has reviewed, but it needs more eyes.
      • man page for plinth should just include each application's pages.
        • currently, we just pull the plinth wiki page.
        • future, we should just refer out to each application's page + plinth header.
    6. django-stronghold status?
      • michael submitted plinth patches, but django-stronghold not available in Debian yet.
      • federico has pushed stronghold into Debian's new queue :)

  3. Updates from last month:
    • added deluge, roundcube, privoxy to Plinth
    • "Build Passing?" button added to Plinth.
      • current tests are plinth-specific, but how should we arrange app-specific tests?
        • sunil recommends against monolithic test groupings: bundle tests with the relevant apps.
        • committed
        • add commit expectations to HACKING or README file?
        • new test structures should encourage more testing :)

  4. Demo plans
    • eben recommended advancing the timetable to EOM October.
    • sunil and marc reviewed TODOs, nothing's too far out there.
      • TODOs
        1. fully-free software demo: we're close.
        2. have good hardware: if we pick cubie-truck, we just have to test the usb dongle. marc acquiring hardware. markus sending a case or two?
        3. moar services: we have a reasonable application set, but not really huge-/high-profile.
        4. router features: n-m gives us most router features, should be exposed in Plinth.
        5. ldap integration: big item. if we get posix -> ldap and SSL-client-certificates, we're good.

      • Analysis
        • We're pretty darn close. The first four are within reach.
        • If we can pull off a 0.4 release in the next few days, we can shoot for 0.5 by EOM July.
        • Just get whatever we can out for July.
        • 0.6 polish release for demo?
        • LDAP integration is the big outstanding item. It's big, but if we pull together we can get it.
        • By EOM September, we can have a go/no-go call for the demo.
        • Demo would be good for attracting new contributors!
        • GPG-cli auth unclear to James.
  5. Plinth Disk Control Module
    • Since we can expect large files (generating fbx-images on boxen) we should probably put together a plinth module for disk management.

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