Simple Git Hosting (GitWeb)

Git is a distributed version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development. GitWeb provides a web interface to Git repositories. You can browse history and content of source code, use search to find relevant commits and code. You can also clone repositories and upload code changes with a command-line Git client or with multiple available graphical clients. And you can share your code with people around the world.

To learn more on how to use Git visit Git tutorial.

Available since version: 19.19

Managing the repositories

After installation of GitWeb, a new repository can be created. It can be marked as private to limit access.


GitWeb can be accessed after installation e.g. by the web client through https://<my freedombox name>/gitweb

HTTP basic auth

GitWeb on FreedomBox currently supports HTTP remotes only. To avoid having to enter the password each time you pull/push to the repository, you can edit your remote to include the credentials.


Your username and password will be encrypted. Someone monitoring the network traffic will notice the domain name only.
Note: If using this method, your password will be stored in plain text in the local repository's .git/config file.


Though your repositories are primarily hosted on your own FreedomBox, you can configure a repository on another Git hosting system like GitLab as a mirror.