As of version 0.39.0, FreedomBox now includes a Backups feature. The Backups feature is built using the "borgbackup" Debian package. Borg is a deduplicating and compressing backup program. It is designed for efficient and secure backups.

As the Backups feature is currently still in development, it can only backup data for a limited number of FreedomBox apps. We are working on offering backup support for every app in the FreedomBox system.

As of October 01, 2018, the following apps are supported by the Backups feature: * Dynamic DNS * ejabberd * ikiwiki * infinoted * Matrix Synapse * Minetest * Radicale * repro

The following apps require no backups and therefor require no integration in the Backups feature: * Cockpit (no backup needed) * Privoxy (no backup needed) * Roundcube (no backup needed) * SearX (no backup needed)

As of October 01, 2018, we are still working on Backups support for the following apps and feature: * Coquelicot * Deluge * Datetime * JSXC * Let's Encrypt * MediaWiki * Monkeysphere * Mumble (in progress) * Networks * OpenVPN * Pagekite * Quassel * Security * Shadowsocks * Sharing * Snapshot * Syncthing * Tahoe-LAFS * Tiny Tiny RSS * Tor * Transmission * Upgrades * Users

You can find an updated log of our progress here: