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|| (./) DebianPts:zoph |] || || || (./) DebianPts:zoph || || ||

Leaving the (proprietary) cloud

All FreedomBox code should be completely Free, stable, well integrated with the system, and well maintained (e.g. regarding security bugfixes). This is ensured by using only official stable Debian packages.

This page tracks availability in Debian of FreedomBox-related user-facing services, grouped by the functionality they provide (a.k.a. the non-free equivalent they replace).




Blog reader (google reader)

{i} tt-rss

not optimised for low-end devices - multi user

{X} rsslounge

single user

{X} Rnews

Supports multiple users, and an optional default user for public-viewable feeds

{X} Claros inTouch

Photo gallery (flickr/imageshack)

(./) gallery

{i} gallery2

{X} gallery3

(./) zoph

{X} zenphoto

(./) piwigo


(./) llgal


{X} openphoto

E-mail (gmail)

(./) offlineimap (+imap server +smtp server +email client)

{i} sogo

(./) roundcube (+imap/smtp)

{i} ciderwebmail (+imap/smtp)

{X} Claros inTouch

Blog publishing (blogger.com/wordpress.com)

(./) wordpress

(./) ikiwiki

(./) serendipity

(./) pyblosxom

link sharing (delicious)

(./) scuttle

{i} semanticscuttle

file sharing (dropbox)

{i} sparkleshare

{o} ifolder

{i} dvcs-autosync

{X} sucsynct

microblog publishing (twitter/identi.ca)

{*} statusnet

self-hosted talking to other self-hosted

{o} freenet (+Sone plugin)

self-hosted talking to other self-hosted

music activitystream (last.fm/libre.fm)

(./) vagalume

(./) zomg

avatar publishing (gravatar.com/Libravatar.org)

{X} Libravatar

self-hosted (federated)

text-based chat (gtalk)

(./) ejabberd (+Jabber client)

(./) prosody (+Jabber client)

{*} jappix (+Jabber server)


calendar publishing and/or shared editing (google calendar)

(./) davical (+CalDAV client)

{i} radicale (+CalDAV client)

(./) calendarserver (+CalDAV/ical client)

{o} Chandler (+CalDAV/Chandler client)

{i} sogo

(./) citadel-suite

shared text authoring (google documents)

{X} etherpad

(./) citadel-suite

(./) sobby (+gobby-0.4 client)

(./) infinoted (+gobby-0.5 client

{X} webodf

{X} Claros inTouch

movie watchlist and rating (IMDB)

{X} filmlog

{X} filmaster

{X} videodb

Lighter alternative for filmaster

Web crawling and/or indexing and/or search (google search)

{o} yacy

Java base - too heavy for embedded device

{o} seeks

C++ should be lighter than yacy but needs a distributed p2p crawler to off the Cloud, maybe Grub.org if C#, Yacy if Java for a stand-alone client

(./) surfraw

telephony (skype/gtalk)

(./) asterisk

{i} sipwitch

activitystream (facebook)

{X} Appleseed

fully decentralised, written in PHP (no longer active?)

{*} diaspora

self-hosted talking to proprietary equivalents

{*} friendica

transport encryption, privacy,security, photo albums, private mail, richtext status (any length), geotags, federate with ostatus, diaspora and other

{X} onesocialweb

{X} owncloud

part of kde social desktop initiative

{X} Wave-OT-XMPP

all participants are fully decentralized, some - with advanced security and p2p privacy schemes, some can be built upon Camlistore or Tahoe-LAFS kind of persistence

federated, distributed, self-hosted, desktop and web-clients

{X} newebe

python, couchdb

{i} buddycloud-server (+Buddycloud client)

music streaming (Pandora)

{X} Swarmplayer


(./) ampache

(./) mpd

{X} tin can jukebox

{o} subsonic

{X} zina

cloud backups

(./) dirvish

Requires large HDD

(./) backuppc

(./) luckybackup

(./) deja-dup

to-do listing and time-management (remember the milk)

(./) ukolovnik

pretty basic todo manager (old and unmaintained)

(./) kolabd

Groupware server supporting multiple mail clients with to-do lists

(./) org-mode

Powerful user friendly distributed (via vcs) cli based to-do list (could be configured with minimal-conf defaults)

{X} mytinytodo

very light php/sqlite/ajax/jquery todo list

single-file time-limited file sharing (megaupload)

{X} jyraphe


{X} FileZ


telephony confence call (teamspeak)

(./) mumble-server

(./) asterisk

web analytics (google analytics)

{X} piwik

Hosting, Mail and IRC

{*} I2P

General purpose P2P darknet with lots of services

voting (doodle)

{X} selectricity

{X} dudle

{X} pleft

{X} papillon

{X} studs

Calculator (Google Calculator)

{X} lastcalc



Available in Debian stable


Available in Debian although not yet in stable


Someone is working on inclusion into Debian


Someone requested inclusion into Debian


Someone needs to file an RFP or ITP bugreport and update this page with resulting bug number.

See also: ?FreedomBox/ExampleProjects and http://autonomo.us/wiki/Wish_list