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FreedomBox: take your online privacy back

FreedomBox is a ready made personal server designed with privacy in mind. Made of free software only, it is a subset of the famousDebian universal operating system. It can be installed as a full system on a small board or on your linux computer as an additional program.

In order to replace free spying services proposed by private companies, you will be able to activate applications to provide them on the Internet or at home only. This application are communication services accessible from your phones like for instance chat and voice calls, calendar, address book, file or news feed sharing and synchronization... FreedomBox is also optionally a Wi-Fi router for more advanced users.

You need a little bit of technical expertise or help from the community to set up FreedomBox at home on a specific inexpensive and power-efficient hardware or on your computer running Debian. But once installed , its use is similar to that of a smart phone.

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Easy: Private Cloud

FreedomBox provides services: to your computers and mobile devices in your home and to computers and mobile devices of other people who are your friends. FreedomBox provides file sharing like Dropbox, shared calendering like Google or Yahoo and photo sharing. FreedomBox provides instant messaging and truly secure voice conference calling that works on low bandwidth providing high quality. FreedomBox has a blog and wiki to let you publish your content and collaborate with the rest of the world. Coming soon, a personal email server and federated social networking using GNU Social and Diaspora, providing privacy-respecting alternatives to Gmail and Facebook.

Advanced: Smart Home Router

FreedomBox runs in a physical computer and can route your traffic. It can sit between various devices at home such as mobiles, laptops and TVs and the Internet replacing a home wireless router. By routing traffic, FreedomBox can remove tracking advertisements and malicious web bugs before they ever reach your devices. FreedomBox can cloak your location and protect your anonymity by "onion routing" your traffic over Tor. FreedomBox provides a VPN server that you can use while you are away from home to keep your traffic secret on untrusted public wireless networks and to securely access various devices at home. It can also be carried along with your laptop and used to connect to public networks at work, school, or office to avail its services. It could be used in a village to provide communications throughout the village. In future, FreedomBox intends to provide support for alternative ways of connecting to the Internet such as Mesh networks.

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