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== Design of the system== == Design of the system ==
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=== Scheduler=== [[attachment:schematic-of-the-box.png|{{schematic-of-the-box.png||width=100}}]]

=== Scheduler ===
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=== Signal reception=== === Signal reception ===
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===Broadcast signal=== === Broadcast signal ===

Hardware Requirements

/!\ INF: Please help extending the information in this page

The hardware must/should/may ...

Non-functional requirements

  • It must have at least one serial interface
  • It should have at least one JTAG interface
  • It must have at least one network interface
  • Noise level must be below 20 dB
  • It should have over 256MB RAM
  • It should have over 512MB Flash for filesystem
  • It must have storage interfaces, at least one of them:
    • SATA interface
    • USB interface
    • SD/MMC interface

Performance requirements

  • It must be able to execute all Freedom Box software at less than half of the CPU load

Power requirements

  • It should not consume over 15W at full CPU load

Physical requirements

  • It should be reduced in size, not bigger than a set-top box.

Environmental requirements

  • It must work perfectly between 0-40ºC

INF: At the first version we do not need to be too ambitious, rugged and harsh environment as well as renewal energy powered devices are desired but not at this point

Design of the system



The part which take the signal from the plug and divided it to the different part. Maybe it is useful to use a transformer to isolate the electric system.

Signal reception

It is a filter which need to have a good bandwidth and a frequency controlled by the processor

Broadcast signal