FreedomBox Danube Edition


FreedomBox Danube Edition is a custom casing around Cubietruck coupled with an SSD.

Cubietruck / Cubieboard3

Cubietruck (Cubieboard3) is a single board computer with better performance than many other such boards. FreedomBox images are being built for it. For using this board as FreedomBox, a separate USB WiFi device that does not require non-free firmware is recommended.


FreedomBox SD card images for this hardware are being built.

Build Image

FreedomBox images for this hardware can be built using Freedom Maker once the support for it is added.


FreedomBox Danue Edition

Cubietruck / Cubieboard3


Non-Free Status

Known Issues


FreedomBox Danube Edition image is copyright Markus Sabadello, used here with permission.