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##How to install a freedombox
= Suggested talks =
== How to install a FreedomBox ==
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##How to Develop == How to Develop ==
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##Planning sessions == Planning sessions ==
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##Why does Marc keep mentioning PGP WOT and SSL Client certs? == Why does Marc keep mentioning PGP WOT and SSL Client certs? ==
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## Space == Space ==
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## Food == Food ==
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All day!! (9 am to 5 pm)
== Times ==
All day!! (10 am to 6 pm)

Page for planning the Oct. 31, 2015 hackathon for Freedombox in NYC.


Should we plan a few topics? Some topics that help new people start contributing to the project would be good. Topics that address still unresolved technical decisions would also be good since we are going to have a few core contributors in the same room.

Do we need to get some people on speaker phone to attend some planning sessions remotely?

Suggested talks

How to install a FreedomBox

The Foundation has some cubietruck hardware, so we can at least show that.

  • ?CubieTruck

  • Virtualbox

Does anyone have any other hardware they want to show off?

How to Develop

Does anyone want to run through packaging for Freedombox? Sunil has a great guide but not sure if he wants to volunteer to walk us through.

Planning sessions

Things to talk about future plans? Stategies? What issues do we need to work out?

Why does Marc keep mentioning PGP WOT and SSL Client certs?

Walk through all of the technology involved in using Client certificate authentication. What work still needs to be done.



Planning on using the Software Freedom Law Center Space (Enough space for about two dozen people with free WiFi). If we decide we are expecting more people then that, we can find a bigger venue.


It is going to be pizza (but it is FREE pizza) (unless someone has other suggestions).


All day!! (10 am to 6 pm) Marc has the keys to the office (but he lives in Connecticut). So we have to at least wait for him. Plus it is Halloween and people will want to go out that night.