This page is an attempt to document how to start, feel free to modify it (for instance if what is said here is wrong)


Basically what's most needed at the moment is to combine and configure existing packages in a way that makes upgrades work without user intervention:

when the user upgrade his packages it shouldn't ask him if he wants to keep the current configuration, or overwrite it with the package manager's configuration.

Note that some other work are unecessary at the moment, for instance:

The FreedomBox Foundation has a page listing ongoing coding projects.

FreedomBox on a DreamPlug

The first development platform obtained by the FreedomBox project is the DreamPlug. DreamPlug development kits are available from the manufacturer, Globalscale Technologies, and resellers such as newIT in the UK and Spinifex in Australia.

Load Debian on your DreamPlug

If you have a DreamPlug, the easiest way of loading Debian on it is using Bdale Garbee's freedom-maker tool. Clone the git repo and follow the instructions in the README file:

$ git clone http://anonscm.debian.org/git/freedombox/freedom-maker.git/

If you've bought your own DreamPlug through GlobalScale, make sure you update your firmware according to the README's "Recent Firmware Necessary!" section.