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== Example projects ==
''See also: [[FreedomBox/LeavingTheCloud]]''


=== Proposed Decentralized IANA ===

DIANNA Project (BitDNS based) http://www.dianna-project.org ???

=== Decentralised DNS ===

Unmanaged Internet Architecture http://pdos.csail.mit.edu/uia/

CoDNS http://www.cs.cornell.edu/people/egs/beehive/codons.php Not opensource , but worth to have a look at

=== Storage ===

==== Filesystems ====
  * [[http://tahoe-lafs.org|Tahoe-LAFS (Least Authority File System)]] - is a Free Software/Open Source decentralized data store. It distributes your filesystem across multiple servers, and even if some of the servers fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire filesystem continues to work correctly and to preserve your privacy and security.(debian packages available but not very up to date). Possible public grid or private self-hosted grid. And an anonymous transport via I2P is also available via patches (http://duck.i2p.to).
  * [[http://www.moosefs.org/|MooseFS]] - is a fault tolerant, network distributed file system. It spreads data over several physical servers which are visible to the user as one resource. For standard file operations MooseFS acts as other Unix-alike file systems.
  * [[http://nubisave.org/|NubiSave]] strives to become an automated and optimal cloud storage system for network setups and desktop users. At its core, it runs a configurable tree of FUSE modules, with the root being the dispersing NubiSave splitter module. New storage providers can be added easily with local templates and from a registry. Initial Debian packaging metadata exists.

==== Network Attached Storage ====
  * [[http://www.openmediavault.org/|OpenMediaVault]] is the next generation network attached storage (NAS) solution based on Debian Linux. Looks like it has an excellent and comprehensive panel, similar to that used by the ReadyNAS.

==== Synchronisation ====
  * [[http://owncloud.org|ownCloud]], data storage project from the wider KDE community
  * [[http://www.sparkleshare.org/|SparkleShare]] - opensource dropbox replacement - doesn't really need a server side setup (ssh access+git) but could be included by installation instructions to user
  * [[http://www.ifolder.com/|iFolder]] - "Sync and Share Files."
  * [[https://launchpad.net/sucsynct|sucsynct]] - "Instant and efficient distributed backup and syncing, triggered whenever a file in a watched replica changes."

==== Hardware ====
  * [[http://openstoragepod.org|OpenStoragePod]], [[http://berlinbuzzwords.blip.tv/file/3810573/|video]], [[http://www.slideshare.net/tim.lossen.de/hadoop-in-a-box|slides]] - open hardware project, small cubes to store terabytes

==== Non-free (will not be used, but useful for comparisons) ====
  * 5 NAS servers comparison: [[http://freenas.org/|FreeNAS]], [[http://www.cryptonas.org/|CryptoNAS]] (formerly CryptoBox), [[http://www.openfiler.com/|Openfiler]], NASLite-M2 (proprietary) and NanoNAS (proprietary): http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/reports/7153/1/
  * [[http://www.readynas.com/|ReadyNAS]] - proprietary parts sold on top of Debian running SPARC hardware. similar to freedombox but targetting home storage only, with a web interface, rather than lots of applications, although there were some (like BitTorrent.) Point is really to look at them as a model of how to sell Debian preinstalled in display-less computers.
  * [[http://www.wuala.com/|Wuala]], Distributed, redundant, encrypted (zero-knowledge), and online file storage (closed source)
  ** One of the main points to take from Wuala is the storage distribution (papers available). It lets you specify how much personal storage of yours you want to allow others to utilize and you get the same amount in return from the cloud of users.
  * [[http://www.spacemonkey.com/|SpaceMonkey]] distributed P2P storage service. (local hardware + paid service) Startup which does not appear to have launched as of April 2012.

=== Telephony ===

  * [[http://yate.null.ro/pmwiki/|YATE]] (Yet Another Telephony Engine)
  * [[http://www.asterisk.org/|Asterisk]] ([[http://www.digium.com/en/products/appliance/|appliances]], live CD's)
  * [[http://www.plugpbx.org/|PlugBPX]], a project to turn the sheeva plug into a simple Asterisk server
  * [[http://www.villagetelco.org/|VillageTelco - MeshPotato]], openwrt + B.A.T.M.A.N. + asterisk = wireless mesh telephony project already deployed with success in Africa on the meshpotato custom designed hardware.
  * [[http://freeswitch.org/|FreeSWITCH]] "The World's First Cross-Platform Scalable FREE Multi-Protocol Soft Switch"

=== Networking ===

==== Routing ====
  * [[http://openwrt.org/|OpenWRT]] - GNU/Linux based free firmware for gateways and routers.
  * [[http://librewrt.org/|LibreWRT]] - GNU/Linux-libre based free firmware for gateways and routers.
  * [[https://ng.gnunet.org/| GNUnet]] - framework for secure peer-to-peer networking (see [[FreedomBox#Talksandpresentations]])
  * [[https://www.torproject.org/|Tor]] (For routing perhaps)
  * [[http://www.i2p2.de/|I2P]] - A decentralized, secure (layered encryption) and anonymous peer-to-peer network with serverless chat, irc, jabber, forums, websites, p2p filesharing, BitTorrent trackers, serverless secure mail, file hosting, iMule, etc. All with focus on privacy and security. (ITP: DebianBug:448638)
  * [[http://michaelblizek.twilightparadox.com/projects/cor/index.html|Connection oriented routing project]] - zero adminstration mesh networking with privacy and security in mind
  * [[http://www.open-mesh.org/|B.A.T.M.A.N]]: Mesh routing protocol for multi-hop ad-hoc networks (see also telephony)
  * [[http://www.pps.jussieu.fr/~jch/software/babel/|Babel]]: Mesh routing based on IP in user-space for multi-hop networks.
  * [[http://netsukuku.freaknet.org|Netsukuku]]: Mesh Routing Protocol for very large-scale self-maintaining network with distributed hostname service (not packaged, heavyweight the Python Stackless version, work in progress for a light [[https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/netsukuku/|Vala version]])
  * [[http://pagekite.net/downloads/|Pagekite]] Free Software for tunneling HTTP, HTTPS and SSH servers through firewalls and NAT.

==== Name System ====
  * [[http://www.idons.org|IDONS]]: Internet Distributed Open Name System, decentralized DNS
  * [[https://dot-bit.org/|Namecoin]]: Peer-to-peer generic name/value datastore system based on Bitcoin technology
  * [[http://dot-p2p.org|P2P-DNS]]: Another decentralized DNS propposal (design stage) - site down 2012-03-06

==== File sharing ====
  * [[http://oneswarm.cs.washington.edu/|OneSwarm]] - F2F (friend2friend) P2P sharing : OneSwarm is a new peer-to-peer tool that provides users with explicit control over their privacy by letting them determine how data is shared. (no debian packages, java)
  * [[http://bob.i2p.to/Robert.html|Robert]] - Anonymous, fully end-to-end encrypted BitTorrent client for the I2P network, with support for trackerless torrents and distributed trackerless torrent searches.
  * [[http://www.foo.be/forban/|Forban|Forban]] - a simple link-local opportunistic p2p free software (or to share files with your local neighbors)
  * [[http://deluge-torrent.org/|Deluge]] - "lightweight, Free Software, cross-platform BitTorrent client."
  * [[http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/|rTorrent]] - "ncurses BitTorrent client"
  * [[http://code.google.com/p/ntorrent/|nTorrent]] - "A graphical user interface client to rtorrent written in java."
  * [[https://gitorious.org/pleaseshare|PleaseShare]] - Webseeds based file sharing web application

==== Streaming ====
 * [[http://ampache.org/|Ampache]] - "web based audio/video streaming application and file manager"
 * [[http://www.tincanjukebox.com/|Tin Can Jukebox]] - "very fast, full featured php/mysql web jukebox that can securely stream large mp3 collections over the internet to multiple users."
 * [[http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Music_Player_Daemon_Wiki|MPD]] - "flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music."

==== Security ====
  * [[http://tinc-vpn.org/|tinc]], FOSDEM2010 !LightningTalk, Guus Sliepen about tinc [[http://video.fosdem.org/2010/lightningtalks/saturday/07-sat-tinc.xvid.avi|.avi, 60 MByte]] <<BR>> example(tinc) [[http://wiki.hamburg.ccc.de/index.php/ChaosVPN|ChaosVPN]]
  * [[http://www.smoothwall.org/|SmoothWall]] - firewall distro
  * [[http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/ipcop/wiki|IP Cop]] - firewall distro
==== Unsorted ====
  * [[http://wiki.virtualsquare.org/wiki/index.php/VDE|VDE]] The vde_switch is a virtual switch provided with the vde networking architecture.
  * [[http://yacy.net/|Yacy]] : P2P decentralized search engine with decentralized crawling (java a bit too much memory & cpu consumption)
  * [[http://www.eyeos.org/|EyeOS]] - "The world’s most advanced Cloud Desktop"

=== Mail and calendar ===

==== WebMail ====
  * [[http://roundcube.net//|roundcube]] - "free webmail for the masses"
  * [[http://squirrelmail.org/screenshots.php|Squirrel Mail]] - "webmail for nuts"
  * [[http://bitbucket.org/ethan_sf/posterity_tg|Posterity]] - webmail client

==== Secure serverless Mail ====
  * [[http://i2pbote.net |I2P-Bote]] - a secure (transparent end-to-end encryption), distributed (serverless) e-mail system aka iMail, with a strong focus on privacy. (Depends on I2P; currently only network-internal, and e2ee not when sending to non-I2P-Bote addresses.)

==== Calendar ====
  * [[http://www.radicale.org/|Radicale]] - "A Simple Calendar Server"
  * [[http://www.davical.org/|DAViCal]] - "A CalDAV Store"

==== Groupware ====
  * [[http://www.sogo.nu/english.html|SoGo]] - "Share your calendars, address books and mails"
  * [[http://www.kolab.org/|KoLab]] - "Groupware Solution for Emails, Appointments, Contacts and more"

=== Social ===

==== All-in-one (blog, µblog, chat...) ====
  * [[http://www.gnu.org/software/social/|GNU social]] - alpha demo available
  * [[http://www.joindiaspora.com/project.html|Diaspora]] - developer release available, some public seeds already running.
  * [[http://www.movim.eu/|MOVIM]] (My Open Virtual Identity Manager) - developer release available
  * [[http://opensource.appleseedproject.org/|Appleseed]] - distributed social network, beta test site running at: [[http://appleseedproject.org/|appleseedproject.org]]
  * Wave-OT-XMPP - XMPP-Concurrent-Confederation-Consortium participants list, all - decentralized, most - built with Federation, Privacy, and Security in base. Some - might support Camlistore, Tahoe-LAFS or supporting other variants of p2p distributive DB's.
  * [[http://pyofwave.info/|PyOfWave]] - XCCC (see above) member, built purely upon Twisted Python and The Python Standard Library. Particularly - supports a scheme for on-dev W3C Augmented Reality standard [[http://www.w3.org/2010/POI/wiki/Data_Model|POI]]
  * [[http://www.newebe.org/|Newebe]] - Distributed social network (not secured yet)
  * [[http://noosfero.org|Noosfero]] - Quite mature, although centralised, social network framework. Built on Rails.
  * [[https://buddycloud.org|Buddycloud]] - Open federated social networking, beta test site running at: [[http://beta.buddycloud.org|beta.buddycloud.org]]; server available from [[http://packages.qa.debian.org/b/buddycloud-server.html|Debian unstable]]
  * [[https://github.com/friendica|Friendica]] - distributed social network project with chat, blogging and micro-blogging.

==== Photo publishing ====
  * [[http://gallery.menalto.com/|Gallery]] - "Your photos on your website"
  * [[http://fffff.at/fuckflickr-info/|FuckFlickr]] - "FuckFlickr: narc-free image gallery"

==== Blogging ====
  * [[http://wordpress.org/|WordPress]] - "WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog."
  * [[http://drupal.org/|Drupal]] - "Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications."
  * [[http://pligg.com/|Pligg]] - "The Social Publishing CMS"
  * [[http://syndie.i2p2.de/download.html|Syndie]] - an anonymous forum and blogging platform.

==== Cultural habits ====
  * [[http://libre.fm/|Libre.fm]] - "Libre.fm allows you to share your listening habits and discover new music."
  * [[http://filmaster.org/|Filmaster]] - "new social network for movie fans, with personalized content and recomendations."
  * [[http://sourceforge.net/projects/scuttle/|Scuttle]] - "Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favourite links online."
  * [[http://sourceforge.net/projects/semanticscuttle/|SemanticScuttle]] - Fork of the above, now an [[http://packages.debian.org/semanticscuttle|up-to-date Debian package]]

==== News feed agregators ====
  * [[http://tt-rss.org/redmine/|Tiny Tiny RSS]] - "Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible."

==== Instant messaging and Presence ====
  * [[https://www.jappix.com/|jappix]] - php-based applications using xmpp
  * [[http://echelon.i2p.to/qti2pmessenger/|I2P-Messenger]] - Qt-based secure (end-to-end encrypted), serverless instant messenger (depends on I2P)
  * [[http://retroshare.sourceforge.net/|RetroShare]] - secure communications with friends
  * [[http://onesocialweb.org/|OneSocialWeb]] - distributed social network using xmpp
  * [[http://resourceme.bergnet.org/|ResourceMe]] - distributed social network design using W3C standards (e.g. RESTful and FOAF)
  * [[http://lorea.org/|lorea]] - federated social networking based on [[http://elgg.org|elgg]]. Uses XMPP and has end-to-end gnupg support.
  * [[http://status.net/|StatusNet]] - "Enterprise Social Software is OPEN for business."
  * [[http://blog.bittorrent.com/2011/06/30/uchat-we-just-need-each-other/|µChat]]: P2P chat over magnet

==== Web search ====
  * [[http://www.seeks-project.info|Seeks Project]] - "social web search as meta search on existing search Clouds, need a crawler like a Grub, Yacy etc. to jump off the proprietary Clouds" (c++)
  * [[http://yacy.net/en/|YaCi]] - "decentralized web search and crawler" (java)
  * [[http://grub.org]] - "decentralized web crawler" (C#)

=== Glue ===

  * [[http://aegirproject.org|Aegir]] (Drupal-based control panel)
  * [[http://www.webmin.com/|Webmin]], mature web-based *nix sys administration - easy to use from anywehere, no X necessary.
  * [[http://www.zentyal.com/|Zentyal]] is a Network Gateway, Unified Threat Manager, Office Server, Infrastructure Manager, Unified Communications Server or a combination of them.

=== Similar projects ===

  * The [[http://groups.google.com/group/sovereigncomputing|Sovereign computing group]] is a similar project with a very interesting [[http://www.advogato.org/article/808.html|Manifesto]].
  * [[http://beedbox.org/|Beedbox]] (in french)
  * [[http://hackable-devices.org/projects/project/nobox/|Soxyd]] (french/english)
  * [[http://tech.chambana.net/projects/commotion/|Commotion]] - wireless mesh project.

=== Other ===

  * [[http://pogoplug.com/home-en-whats-pogoplug.html|PogoPlug]]: Proprietary software stack to run on plug computers and provide "personal cloud" storage and access (dynamicDNS, access control, web configuration)
  * [[http://www.tonido.com/|Tonido]], local cloud [[http://www.tonidoplug.com/tonido_plug.html|services]] on a sheeva plug device. [[http://www.tonido.com/support/Developer:Licensing_Information|Proprietary software]] on top of Ubuntu jaunty.
  * [[http://www.amahi.org/|Amahi]] "Home Digital Assistants" (more NAS oriented) based on Fedora (soon based on Ubuntu). See also [[http://wiki.amahi.org/index.php/Amahi_Plug_Edition|Amahi Plug Edition]]
  * [[http://serviceplatform.org|SPACE service platform]] for distributable services, with (KDE) desktop integration and (Eucalyptus) cloud backend
  * [[http://brej.org/blog/?cat=21|Tidbit]]: A global database for exchanging signed tidbits of information
  * [[http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/desktopcouch|desktopcouch]]: Integration of CouchDB storage into desktop applications, for automatic replication and synchronization of data between computers.
  * [[https://mozillalabs.com/sync/|Sync/Weave]] Synchronisation for mozilla products between devices (with possibility of self-hosted server)
  * [[http://ladistribution.net/|La Distribution]] Good example of webpanel for web applications (but they reinvent repositories which is something we don't want to do)