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Images before the 0.1 release boot smoothly on stock DreamPlugs from GlobalScale ("Default" uboot). Images before the 0.1 release boot smoothly on stock !DreamPlugs from !GlobalScale ("Default" uboot).

This page is intended at documenting the pre-build freedombox images that may be available to be installed on media the Dreamplug can boot.

There have been different releases of downloadable images :

Nick M. Daly's regular test dreamplug images

Nick Daly makes weekly FreedomBox test images for the DreamPlug. These images are available at:

These images include several FreedomBox-related projects. New image announcements can be found on the Freedombox-discuss mailing list.

Verifying downloaded image

You can validate that a downloaded image has not been altered by checking the file signature.

First, download Nick Daly's key.

$ gpg --keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net --recv-key D95C32042EE54FFDB25EC3489F2733F40928D23A

Then verify each file's signature.

$ gpg --verify freedombox-unstable_2012.0915_dreamplug-armel-card.img.tar.bz2.sig.sig freedombox-unstable_2012.0915_dreamplug-armel-card.img.tar.bz2.sig
$ gpg --verify freedombox-unstable_2012.0915_virtualbox-i386-hdd.vdi.tar.bz2.sig.sig freedombox-unstable_2012.0915_virtualbox-i386-hdd.vdi.tar.bz2.sig

Installing the image

The announcement emails have instructions.

See also /InternalMicroSD

Firmware / uboot compatibility

Depending on the revision of the hardware and/or the firmware/uboot updates made by vendors (or your own), you may have an firmware setup compatible or not with subsequent image versions.

See DreamPlugTesting for details on the hardware revisions and provided firmware.

Images before the 0.1 release boot smoothly on stock DreamPlugs from GlobalScale ("Default" uboot).

Images on or after the 0.1 release (2012-0820) need the 2012.04.01 or later version of uboot from Debian Wheezy.

uboot Vendor

uboot Version

Supported Image Versions


The Default (?)

Pre 0.1


2012.04.01 (Wheezy)

Pre 0.1, Post 0.1

The weekly images considered "Pre 0.1" are the 2012.0819 image and prior images. The "Post 0.1" images are the 2012.0903 image and later images.

Mounting Nick Daly's images locally

See http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/freedombox-discuss/2012-November/004765.html

See also :