You may either use FreedomBox on one of the supported hardware, install it on a Debian machine, or deploy on a virtual machine.

If you are installing on Debian, you don't need to download these images. Instead read instructions on setting up FreedomBox on Debian.

Downloading Images

Recent images for supported targets are available here:

Verifying the Downloaded Images

It is important to verify the images you have downloaded to ensure that the file has not be corrupted during the transmission and that it is indeed the image built by FreedomBox developers.

Installation and Use

After the download you can use the image to boot supported hardware (including virtual machines). The hardware devices usually use SD Cards to boot from. To copy the downloaded image to your SD card use a command like this (adapt the if= and of= part to match your image and SD Card path):

$ dd if=freedombox-unstable_2015-01-15_dreamplug-armel-card.img of=/dev/mmcblk0

That's all, you can now start to use your FreedomBox!