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  * [[FreedomBox/UserRequirements/BrainStorm|List of potential features]]   * [[FreedomBox/Design/UserRequirements/BrainStorm|List of potential features]]


Use Cases

Sharing pictures with friends

Description: Jonas and Hector attended a social event. Hector wants to share pictures with Jonas and any other friends


  • One https server
  • One gallery module
  • One authentication protocol


/!\ NOTE: This is Work-In-Progress

  • First create a Debian image using your favorite tool, in my case, I'll be using boxer

  • Check and add your ingredients to the pkglists-available lists

$ cd pkglists-available
$ cat httpd-apache
$ echo libapache-gallery-perl >> gallery
$ echo ??? >> webid-auth # TBD
  • I want to based authentication based on FOAF+SSL, but I could not find a package yet.

  • Enable packages:

$ boxerenpkg debug httpd-apache gallery webid-auth
$ make install
  • Do and test local customizations for everything to work together and send them to freedombox-discuss mailing list.
  • The image is cooked, best served fresh with some pictures.

Social networker

(please replace or improve, just an example for now)

Description: Uses social networks daily


1. Uses Facebook

  1. Logs onto Facebook and uses its features.

2. Uses Diaspora

  1. Logs onto Diaspora and uses its features.

3. Does not want to deal with lawsuits etc. (Great risk, if you operate an open WiFi in Germany)

Political Activist

(please replace or improve, just an example for now)

Description: Organizes and participates in non-violent political activity. Concerned with surveillance.


1. ...

Non-computer savvy person

(please replace or improve, just an example for now)

Description: Browses web, emails, uses word processor, little else


1. Browses web

Making data backup

(please replace or improve, just an example for now)

Description: The user makes backups of all his data in one click.




(please replace or improve, just an example for now)

Description: ...



User's web site becomes visible after plugging device into network behind NAT router

Description: The user plugs his device into a network behind a NAT router, typically a home modem


1. User discovers device from another computer on same network (UPnP multicast?)

2. User logs into device (via web page?)

3. Device locates gateway and it's type, queries user for gateway password

4. Device configures gateway to do port forwarding to web server on device

5. Result: user's device now is a public web server for the user's content through the NAT gateway

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