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 * Spits Fire  * [[http://www.interpretivearson.com/projects/ddi/|Spits Fire]]

End User Requirements Brainstorm

At some point, we have to take a hard look at what we can actually do in a 1.0 release. The first step toward that goal is to make a list of potential features. That's what this page is for.

Leaving aside the how for now, we can make a list of features that we can consider individually in other places. Once we have a large list of features, we can start trying to puzzle out which ones are feasible and which ones are too difficult/esoteric for this project right now.

Please add to the list. We'll organize it into more formal requirements later.

  • Distributed backup / backup to external media (e.g. usb drive)
    • The user wants to backup the content of its freedombox to be able to recover from a software or hardware failure
  • Distributed social networking
  • Secure instant messaging and VoIP
    • The user wants to IM/chat/call with friends without leaving logs of the communication to any third party
  • Mesh networking
    • The user wants to connect to neighboring FB without going through an ISP
    • The user wants to access internet through the ISP connection of a FB in the neighborhood
  • Routing, wireless and wired
  • VPN/Proxy capabilities
    • The user wants to connect to the FreedomBox from an unsafe network (hotel, conference, wifi hotspot, hostile country) and route its traffic through his home network connection.

    • The user wants to bounce his IRC connections through an encrypted tunnel
  • Web Proxying with collaborative ad filtering
  • Email server
    • The user wants to store his emails in a private place
    • The user wants to access his emails from his pc / his phone / a random internet kiosk
  • Collaborative spam filtering
  • Simple text editor
    • The same interface should be used to send a mail, edit a blog article
    • Only one simple way to emphasize text
    • Shortcuts to add an url to a file stored on the FB, to an OSM based map or to a contact card.
  • File Server / Sharing
    • The user wants to share selected (large) files with selected friends
    • Identify the licence if any so that the user can decide to share or not
    • Manage permissions for sharing only with authorized groups of people
    • Static web publishing
    • The user wants to publish content to a large audience
      • Push to Amazon S3 or other cheap, stable web host to absorb traffic
      • Auto rsync / s3sync from a local directory to remote host, like dumpcarton

      • Onion-routed Torrents
      • Share same files on TOR or other P2P network
    • Reverse web proxy
    • Photo sharing
  • Browser sync - Bookmarks, history, forms, passwords
  • Print Server
  • Dead simple UX
  • RSS Reader
  • Anonymous internet (TOR node)
    • The user wants to hide from his ISP what he is doing on the internet
    • The user wants to hide from a website the address that he is really connecting from
  • Eternity Server
  • OpenID-like identity/role/auth verification system
  • Crypto Currency wallet (bitcoin or the like)
  • Spits Fire

  • Makes Toast and Coffee

  • Media player
    • Stream Audio to the web client from users' FB or from friends' FB