The need was identified by Eben Moglen, president of the FreedomBox Foundation board. He saw the potential of the ?DreamPlug and created the FreedomBox project. James Vasile is running with it.

On the technology side, an inital set of hardware, networking, OS and apps exists. Kind of.

The obstacles, such as the speed of tor, information leaked from the TLS protocol and chicken-and-egg problems with trust, are also discussed on the discussion mailing list.

where to find the latest news

The most up-to-date discussions happen on the mailing lists. A full list of is on the homepage.

where else to look for progress updates

All the places where announcements may appear are listed in the FBX discuss page.

A (very high level) roadmap lists the typical project steps - requirements, design, implementation an so on - but as the FBX project is going in a new direction, there will be plenty of looping back to repeat steps.

Videos are periodically added to the FBX video page and Youtube.