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!FreedomBox is maintained by [[https://github.com/orgs/freedombox/teams/contributors|Contributors]] and [[https://github.com/orgs/freedombox/teams/reviewers|Reviewers]] on Github.<<BR>>
Here is a full list of people who gave time on !FreedomBox code.
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=== Partner ===

 * [[https://weblate.org/|Weblate.org]], localization online platform

=== Contributors ===
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================ Contributor Stats (weblate platform) ======================== === Contributor Stats (weblate platform) ===
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== Partners ==
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 * [[https://weblate.org/|Weblate.org]], localization online platform

FreedomBox is brought to you by

1. Code

FreedomBox is maintained by Contributors and Reviewers on Github.
Here is a full list of people who gave time on FreedomBox code.

  • Ashok Jallepalli <ashok0540 at gmail dot com>

  • Bdale Garbee <bdale at gag dot com>

  • Ben Armstrong <synrg at debian dot org>

  • Bharat Akkinepalli <bharatak at thoughtworks dot com>

  • Bharath Chava <bharath dot ch at gmail dot com>

  • Bhuvan Krishna <bhuvan at swecha dot net>

  • Bryan Newbold <bnewbold at robocracy dot org>

  • Bob Girard <bgirard at esedona dot net>

  • Bob Mottram <bob dot mottram at codethink dot co dot uk>

  • Caitlin <git at gitcat dot broke dash it dot net>

  • Craig Barnes <craig dot barnes at member dot fsf dot org>

  • Daniel Steglich <steglich at datasystems24 dot de>

  • Didier Raboud <odyx at debian dot org>

  • Federico Ceratto <federico dot ceratto at gmail dot com>

  • Felix Gruber <felgru at gmx dot de>

  • Isaac Wilder <isaac at freenetworkmovement dot org>

  • Ivan Savov <ivan dot savov at gmail dot com>

  • James Valleroy <jvalleroy at mailbox dot org>

  • James Vasile <james at jamesvasile dot com>

  • Joel Valleroy <drakonandor at gmail dot com>

  • Jonas Smedegaard <dr at jones dot dk>

  • Keith Fernie <keith at fernie dot eu>

  • Marc Jones <mjones at softwarefreedom dot org>

  • Markus Sabadello <markus at projectdanube dot org>

  • Maximiliano Curia <maxy at gnuservers dot com dot ar>

  • Michael Pimmer <blubb at fonfon dot at>

  • Nick Daly <nick dot m dot daly at gmail dot com>

  • Nick White <git at njw dot name>

  • Nik Nyby <nnyby at columbia dot edu>

  • Olivier Mehani <shtrom at ssji dot net>

  • Petter Reinholdtsen <pere at hungry dot com>

  • Philippe Baret <github at hyperlecture dot net>

  • Piotr Ożarowski <piotr at debian dot org>

  • Rich Keyzor <Web-Dev-Rich at users dot noreply dot github dot com>

  • Ruben Lubbes <ruben at ikmaak dot nl>

  • Saúl Ibarra Corretgé <saghul at gmail dot com>

  • Sean Alexandre <sean at alexan dot org>

  • Sean O'Brien <diggity at member dot fsf dot org>

  • Sunil Mohan Adapa <sunil at medhas dot org>

  • Thiago Jung Bauermann <thiago dot bauermann at gmail dot com>

  • Tom Galloway <github at tomgalloway dot co dot uk>

  • Tzafrir Cohen <tzafrir at debian dot org>

  • Vignan Lavu <vignan dot lavu at gmail dot com>

2. Localization

2.1. Partner

2.2. Contributors

  • Danish
    • ikmaak <info at ikmaak dot nl>

    • Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen <memb_weblate at mikini dot dk>

  • Dutch
    • Diederik de Haas <github at cknow dot org>

    • ikmaak <info at ikmaak dot nl>

  • French
    • ikmaak <info at ikmaak dot nl>

    • John Doe <thraex at numericable dot fr>

    • Thomas Vincent <tvincent at debian dot org>

    • Philippe Baret <weblate at hyperlecture dot net>

    • znoteer <znoteer at hailmail dot net>

  • German
    • ikmaak <info at ikmaak dot nl>

    • Dietmar <ndcdhimdsa at gmx dot de>

    • Robert Martinez <ntttq at inboxen dot org>

  • Norwegian Bokmål
    • Caly <caly at aktivix dot org>

    • ikmaak <info at ikmaak dot nl>

    • Dietmar <ndcdhimdsa at gmx dot de>

  • Portuguese
    • Daniel Sousa <daniel at sousa dot me>

  • Russian
    • the29a <deathlike333 at gmail dot com>

  • Spanish
    • Luis A. Arizmendi <luis.arizmendi at openmailbox dot org>

  • Swedish
    • Caly <caly at aktivix dot org>

  • Telugu
    • Caly <caly at aktivix dot org>

    • ikmaak <info at ikmaak dot nl>

  • Turkish
    • John Doe <thraex at numericable dot fr>

2.3. Contributor Stats (weblate platform)

Name Words Count

  • Dietmar 3226 215
  • John Doe 2865 211
  • Philippe Baret 2035 135
  • znoteer 12 1
  • Robert Martinez 443 44
  • ikmaak 4779 344
  • Thomas Vincent 23 2
  • Daniel Sousa 110 25
  • Caly 2120 293
  • Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen 3039 205
  • the29a 3691 515
  • Diederik de Haas 466 13
  • Luis A. Arizmendi 7126 741


3. Design

  • Robert Martinez









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