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Upcoming priorities are discussed on an regular basis. You find the progress of the webinterface Plinth with its priorities here:[[https://github.com/freedombox/Plinth/projects/1|Project Progess]]. We want to enjoy soon a version 1.0.<<BR>> Upcoming priorities are discussed on an regular basis. You find the progress of the web interface Plinth with its priorities here:[[https://tree.taiga.io/project/freedombox-freedombox/|Project Progress]]. We want to enjoy soon a version 1.0.<<BR>>

Get Involved

From code, design and translation to spreading the world and donation, here is a list of possible contributions to develop FreedomBox.

Progess calls
TODO page
Donation page

Welcome to newcomers

As a newcomer, you are more than welcome to introduce yourself to all users and doers on the "FreedomBox-discuss" mailing list or on the #freedombox IRC channel. In addition to make useful contacts, you can start reporting bugs and translate (see below) the wiki website and the FreedomBox web interface.

Development priorities

Upcoming priorities are discussed on an regular basis. You find the progress of the web interface Plinth with its priorities here:Project Progress. We want to enjoy soon a version 1.0.

Please check next progess calls to keep yourself on track and meet members of the release team. A TODO page aggregates the complete list of the items to work on for FreedomBox.

Contributions needed

Add an Application

If you are a developer and wish to see an application available in FreedomBox, you can contribute by adding the application to FreedomBox. See the FreedomBox Developer Manual.


List of bugs listed on Debian universal system. Also see the Packages overview for FreedomBox packaging team for status of various packages that we use.


If you are a developer, you can contribute code to one of the sub-projects of FreedomBox. Step-by-step process of contributing code to FreedomBox is available.

  • FreedomBox Setup: a Debian package for setting up the FreedomBox.

  • Plinth: a web interface to administer the functions of FreedomBox.

  • Freedom Maker: a script to build FreedomBox disk images for use on various hardware devices or virtual machines.

You can pickup a task from one of the TODO lists. The individual page project pages contain information availabily of the code, how to build and TODO lists.


User Experience Design

If you are a user experience designer, you can help FreedomBox with the following items:

Technical Design

FreedomBox is still under development any many components are yet to be worked on. You can contribute to the discussion on various technical design and implementation aspects of FreedomBox. See:

The FreedomBox Foundation is a Delaware non-profit corporation in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) federal nonprofit recognition from the IRS. FreedomBox project is run by volunteers. You can help the project financially by donating via PayPal, Bitcoin or by mailing a check. Please see the donation page for details on how to donate.

Document: User Manual, Website and Wiki

FreedomBox needs better documentation for users and contributors. FreedomBox manual is prepared by aggregating various pages on the wiki and exporting to various formats. The manual is then used in Plinth and elsewhere.

If you wish to contribute to the FreedomBox wiki (and consequently the FreedomBox manual), you can create a wiki account and start editing.

For contributing to the website please start a discussion on the FreedomBox mailing list.

Quality Assurance

  • FreedomBox already runs on many platforms and it is not possible for developers to test all possible platforms. If you have one of the supported hardware you can help with testing FreedomBox on the platform.

  • When an application is made available on FreedomBox, not all of its functionality is tested in the real world by developer doing the work. Deploying the application and testing it will help ensure high quality applications in FreedomBox.

See the quality assurance page for a basic list of test cases to check for and information on reporting bugs.


All text visible to users of FreedomBox needs to be localized to various languages. This translation work includes:

  • Plinth web interface for FreedomBox

  • FreedomBox documentation

  • FreedomBox website and wiki

  • Individual applications that FreedomBox exposes to users.

The primary user interface (Plinth) was internationalized in the 0.7 release. You can contribute to the localization effort using the web-based tool at Weblate or directly to the source tree via GitHub.

If you wish to see FreedomBox available for one of your languages, please start a discussion on the FreedomBox discuss mailing list or on the #freedombox IRC channel to avoid double translations.

For more information, please visit the FreedomBox translation landing page.

Spread the Word

Speak to your family, friends, local community or at global conferences about the importance of FreedomBox. To be a successful project we need many more participants, be it users or contributors. Write about your efforts at the talks page and on the wiki.









Live Help

Where To Start







To Do









FreedomBox for Communities

FreedomBox Developer Manual

HELP & DISCUSSIONS: Discussion Forum - Mailing List - #freedombox irc.debian.org | CONTACT Foundation | JOIN Project

Next call: Saturday, October 14 at 14:00 UTC

This page is copyright its contributors and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.