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FreedomBox. FreedomBox. Step-by-step process of [[/Code|contributing code]] to !FreedomBox is available.
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participants, be it users or contributors. Write about your efforts at the [[https://www.freedomboxfoundation.org/appearances/index.en.html|talks page]]. participants, be it users or contributors. Write about your efforts at the [[https://www.freedomboxfoundation.org/appearances/index.en.html|talks page]] and on the [[FreedomBox/TalksAndPresentations|wiki]].


If you are a developer, you can contribute code to one of the sub-projects of FreedomBox. Step-by-step process of contributing code to FreedomBox is available.

  • FreedomBox Setup: a Debian package for setting up the FreedomBox.

  • Plinth: a web interface to administer the functions of FreedomBox.

  • Freedom Maker: a script to build FreedomBox disk images for use on various hardware devices or virtual machines.

You can pickup a task from one of the TODO lists. The individual page project pages contain information availabily of the code, how to build and TODO lists.


The FreedomBox Foundation is a Delaware non-profit corporation in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) federal nonprofit recognition from the IRS. FreedomBox project is run by volunteers. You can help the project financially by donating via PayPal, Bitcoin or by mailing a check. Please see the donation page for details on how to donate.

Document: User Manual, Website and Wiki

FreedomBox needs better documentation for users and contributors.

If you wish to contribute to the FreedomBox wiki, you can create a account and start editing. There is a plan to export the wiki pages as the official FreedomBox manual. For contributing to website and documentation please start a discussion on the FreedomBox mailing list.


All text visible to users of FreedomBox needs to be localized to various languages. This includes:

  • Plinth web interface for FreedomBox

  • FreedomBox documentation

  • FreedomBox website and wiki

  • Individual applications that FreedomBox exposes to users such as ownCloud, JWChat etc.

If you wish to see FreedomBox available for one of your languages, please start a discussion on the FreedomBox discuss mailing list.


If you are a designer, you can help FreedomBox with the following items:

Spread the Word

Speak to your family, friends, local community or at global conferences about the importance of FreedomBox. To be a successful project we need many more participants, be it users or contributors. Write about your efforts at the talks page and on the wiki.