Debconf Configuration Worksheet

Here is a list of configuration files on the Freedombox which are owned or configured by other packages, and are currently modified by scripts in freedombox-setup or plinth.

The goal is to do all of this configuration through debconf instead. For that, we will need to convince package maintainers to add debconf support to their packages, and to add the hooks that we need. This can be done by filing wishlist bug reports against those packages. Offering a patch should improve our chances of success.

NB! Debconf is preferred over alternative methods like .d or multilevel support: Only debconf keeps the maintenance task of tracking intimate configuration details most possible at the package maintainer.

Table Legend


Has debconf support?

Additional hooks needed:

Related bugreports

{X} dnsmasq


log-facility, local, domain

{X} tor


?SocksPort, ORPort, ?ControlPort, ?BridgeRelay, ?ExitPolicy, ?ServerTransportPlugin

{o} ejabberd


mod_http_bind, access (register)


{X} privoxy



{X} pagekite


abort_not_configured, kitename, kitesecret



Configuration through debconf is fully implemented for this package.


The package has the required debconf support--just need to start using it.


A bug has been reported to request needed debconf support.


The package has debconf support, but not all of the hooks that we need.


The package does not have debconf support yet.