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 * Include missing dependencies.

   * psmisc
   * python2.7
   * libpython2.7
   * sudo

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These TODOs must be complete before we can release a beta.

Outstanding TODOs

Freedom Maker


The FBX image build tool.

  • The setup process generates GPG keys for user.
  • Setup generates GPG and SSL keys for the box itself.
  • Link network/interfaces per machine target
  • Add fbx to /etc/sudoers
  • Update the login message.
  • Make Plinth Easy to Launch
    • Make plinth in FM during image build process, or,
    • Build some giant startup script to run Plinth that handles
      • everything:
      • make-ing plinth
      • other requirements Plinth's own start.sh should handle its own local installation, nothing else. The big script should assume ~/exmachina is available.



The UI layer.

  • Links should work for remote clients.
  • Turn DHCP (for clients) on/off through Plinth
  • Select DHCP or Static IP in Plinth
  • Integrate basic OpenVPN settings into Plinth
  • Integrate Dnsmasq into Plinth
  • Integrate ?FreedomBuddy into Plinth.

  • Hook ?FreedomBuddy into SSH.

  • Add more OpenVPN ?FreedomBuddy setup instructions.

  • Move =/build/= to =/vendor/=, update references in:
    • plinth/start.sh
    • plinth/Makefile
  • Don't POST password on login fails.
  • ?CherryPy HTTPRedirects Shouldn't Change Server names.

  • Use Publish to publish Plinth's Source



  • Verify patches from ?betweennowhere.net/blog.

FreedomBox Privoxy


A privacy-focused web-proxy.

  • Add enabling and disabling Privoxy to the Plinth UI.



A resilient communication tool.

  • Build an SSH-VPN connector.
  • Fix Outstanding FIXMEs
  • Hook into Plinth.
  • Add more OpenVPN ?FreedomBuddy setup instructions.