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TODOs for 1.0

This is a list of 20 TODO items that must be completed before 1.0 can be released. This list came out of the notes from a two day meeting/mini-hackfest in NYC during early 2013.

This list is in alphabetical order. If you can find a better order, please update it.

Of the 20 items, 19 remain.


TODO Clarify Authentication vs Authorization in the System

TODO Clean up FBF Wiki

TODO Contact Debian Maintainers about Packaging

TODO Coordinate Developer Documentation

TODO Coordinate End User Documentation

TODO Create Key/Cert Expiry Reporting Tools

TODO Deliver FreedomBox Package

TODO Deliver Plinth Package

TODO Finish FreedomBuddy, Functionally

TODO Finish FreedomBuddy UI

TODO Glue Pieces Together

TODO Improve FBF Visual Identity


TODO Integrate Tinc into Plinth

TODO Novena Support

TODO Package Certificate Expiry Reporting

TODO Package ExMachina

TODO Provide CherryPy through Apache

TODO Security Audit / Hammer Away at ExMachina


DONE Merge Freedom Maker Shiny into Master

This was a pretty easy task, Shiny and Master are nearly equivalent, except for the following intentional differences: