Hello my friend,

Thank you for visiting my page. I am a student at the ?TamKang University in Taiwan. I am a Free Software developer, focuses on embedded devices, server tech, web applications, liveCD and Desktop Environment. I love Free Software, especially the freedom it provides, and also publishes my development experience on the web. Also, I enjoy coding and replacing all software components by my own programs for fun. Currently, I am also a developer of LXDE project(Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment), which aim to be a lightweight desktop environment, further more, make it a suitable desktop environment for resource-limited device(eg, eeepc).

我現在是淡江大學的學生。我是自由軟體的開發者,專注於嵌入式相關、伺服器技術、互動式網頁的應用軟體、LiveCD和桌面環境。喜愛自由軟體,所以持續不斷公開分享自己的開發經驗給其他人。而且,我享受寫程式也喜歡將現有軟體以自己寫的程式來取代,藉此得到更多樂趣。目前也是 LXDE project (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment)的開發者之一,此計畫目標打造一個羽量級的桌面環境,更進一步地,使之成為適合移動裝置的桌面環境(例如:eeepc)。

My Blog: http://fred-zone.blogspot.com/ My Homepage: http://people.linux.org.tw/~fred/