Frédéric Daniel Luc Lehobey

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My personal web site where I keep some documentation (in French) about Debian:

Reports on sponsored Debian events

Extremadura 2008 (2008-04-02 to 2008-04-06)

Extremadura 2007 (2007-10-17 to 2007-10-21)

Soissons 2007 (2007-02-17 to 2007-02-22 for me)

NM stuff

I have not (yet?) applied for becoming a DD.

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This blog entry pushed me to clearly express here my own view with respect to Debian membership.

For the curious ones (MoinMoin stories)

I used to have several accounts on this wiki, namely ?FredericLehobey (from the old, FrédéricLehobey (with the accents after the MoinMoin migration) and (it never worked) ?FrédéricDanielLucLehobey. They have all collapsed into unusable accounts when I tried to put for them all (on 2007-07-23) a single email address for I did not know this email was precisely what kept them different in MoinMoin internals. As I have unfortunately checked the 'Disable this account forever' button from some of them in my attempts to sort things out I finally resorted to create this fourth identity to continue to contribute to the wiki. Sorry for the mess...

But for MoinMoin users: never use twice the same email address in the same wiki.

Update (2007-08-05): ?FrédéricDanielLucLehobey account has been recovered thanks to Martin Schulze (from DSA). I have been unable to change it so far into the shorter FrédéricLehobey as then MoinMoin claims there is already someone else owning this account (how can it be? MoinMoin replaced everywhere FrédéricLehobey with ?FrédéricDanielLucLehobey when I used for the latter the same email address as the former). I am still at a loss to understand MoinMoin logics.

Update (2007-08-24): Martin Schulze (from DSA) has renamed the ?FrédéricDanielLucLehobey account to FrédéricLehobey and it seems to work.