See all the TrueType (TTF) fonts included in Debian at [].

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Source Font Formats


Generating Fonts from Source

The [ fontforge] is an editor for outline and bitmap fonts that generates all kinds of fonts. It is also scriptable and has an addon tool [ xgridfit] for hinting. The following fonts are built from sfd (found using apt-cache rdepends fontforge):

- [ ttf-junicode]

- [ beteckna] (not yet in Debian)

- [ essays1743]

- [ ttf-atarismall]

- [ ttf-breip]

I created some script to create bold, italic, and condensed typefaces out of sfd fonts:

[ sfd2*.ff]

Font Formats

ttf, otf, bdf, pfb, fnt

Font Tools

texlive-font-utils, fttools, ttf2tex, freetype1-tools, ttf2pt1, otf2bdf



Fonts and Debian: [ existing] and [ missing]

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