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 * '''Arabic extended A''': U+08E2  * '''Ahom''': U+11740 to U+11746
 * '''Arabic''': U+061D
 * '''Arabic extended-A''': U+08B5, U+08C8 to U+08D2 and U+08E2
 * '''Arabic presentation forms-A''': U+FBC2, U+FD40 to U+FD4F, U+FDCF and U+FDFE to U+FDFF
 * '''Balinese''': U+1B4C, U+1B7D and U+1B7E
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 * '''Brahmi''': U+11070 to U+11075
Line 25: Line 30:
 * '''CJK unified ideographs''': U+9FF0 to U+9FFC  * '''CJK unified ideographs''': U+9FF0 to U+9FFF
Line 27: Line 32:
 * '''CJK unified ideographs extension B''': U+2A6D7 to U+2A6DD  * '''CJK unified ideographs extension B''': U+2A6D7 to U+2A6DE and U+2A6DF
 * '''CJK unified ideographs extension C''': U+2B735 to U+2B738
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 * '''Combining diacritical marks extended''': U+1AC1 to U+1ACE
 * '''Combining diacritical marks supplement''': U+1DFA
 * '''Currency symbols''': U+20C0
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 * '''Geometric shapes extended''': U+1F7F0
 * '''Glagolitic''': U+2C2F and U+2C5F
Line 32: Line 43:
 * '''Kaithi''': U+110C2
 * '''Kana extended-A''': U+1B11F to U+1B122
 * '''Kannada''': U+0CDD
 * '''Latin extended-D''': U+!A7C0, U+!A7C1, U+!A7D0, U+!A7D1, U+!A7D3, U+!A7D5 to U+!A7D9 and U+!A7F2 to U+!A7F4
 * '''Mongolian''': U+180F
 * '''Musical symbols''': U+1D1E9 and U+1D1EA
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 * '''Supplemental punctuation''': U+2E53 to U+2E5D
 * '''Supplemental symbols and U+pictographs''': U+1F979 and U+1F9CC
 * '''Symbols and U+pictographs extended-A''': U+1FA7B, U+1FA7C, U+1FAA9 to U+1FAAC, U+1FAB7 to U+1FABA, U+1FAC3 to U+1FAC5, U+1FAD7 to U+1FAD9, U+1FAE0 to U+1FAE7 and U+1FAF0 to U+1FAF6
 * '''Tagalog''': U+170D, U+1715 and U+171F
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 * '''Telugu''': U+0C3C and U+0C5D
 * '''Takri''': U+116B9
 * '''Transport and U+map symbols''': U+1F6DD to U+1F6DF
Line 40: Line 64:
 * '''Arabic extended B''' (U+0870...)
Line 41: Line 66:
 * '''Cypro-Minoan''' (U+12F90...)
Line 42: Line 68:
 * '''Ethiopic extended-B''' (U+1E7E0...)
Line 43: Line 70:
 * '''Kana extended-B''' (U+1AFF0...)
Line 44: Line 72:
 * '''Latin extended-F''' (U+10780...)
 * '''Latin extended-G''' (U+1DF00...)
Line 47: Line 77:
 * '''Old Uyghur''' (U+10F70...)
Line 49: Line 80:
 * '''Tangsa''' (U+16A70...)
Line 50: Line 82:
 * '''Toto''' (U+1E290...)
 * '''Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics extended-A''' (U+11AB0...)
 * '''Vithkuqi''' (U+10570...)
 * '''Znamenny musical notation''' (U+1CF00...)

This page aims to document the Unicode coverage of all the fonts (including non-free ones) in Debian. It was created using fontforge, font-manager and gucharmap. You should also read the DebianInstaller/GUIFonts page to find out about the fonts used by the installer.

Please add any fonts which might fill in some of these blocks to the Fonts/Missing page.

TODO: automatically create this page based on the latest unicode-data package as well as all fonts in Debian unstable, using the fonts review:


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Incomplete blocks

With missing characters mentioned, most of these are available as bitmap glyphs in Unifont or Unifont Upper.

  • Ahom: U+11740 to U+11746

  • Arabic: U+061D

  • Arabic extended-A: U+08B5, U+08C8 to U+08D2 and U+08E2

  • Arabic presentation forms-A: U+FBC2, U+FD40 to U+FD4F, U+FDCF and U+FDFE to U+FDFF

  • Balinese: U+1B4C, U+1B7D and U+1B7E

  • Bopomofo extended: U+31BC to U+31BF

  • Brahmi: U+11070 to U+11075

  • Chakma: U+11147

  • CJK unified ideographs: U+9FF0 to U+9FFF

  • CJK unified ideographs extension A: U+4DB6 to U+4DBF

  • CJK unified ideographs extension B: U+2A6D7 to U+2A6DE and U+2A6DF

  • CJK unified ideographs extension C: U+2B735 to U+2B738

  • CJK unified ideographs extension G: U+30000 to U+30728, U+3072A to U+30EDC, U+30EDF to U+3106B and U+3106D to U+3134A

  • Combining diacritical marks extended: U+1AC1 to U+1ACE

  • Combining diacritical marks supplement: U+1DFA

  • Currency symbols: U+20C0

  • Enclosed alphanumeric supplement: U+1F10D to U+1F10F, U+1F16D to U+1F16F and U+1F1AD

  • Geometric shapes extended: U+1F7F0

  • Glagolitic: U+2C2F and U+2C5F

  • Hebrew: U+05EF

  • Ideographic symbols and punctuation U+16FF0 and U+16FF1

  • Kaithi: U+110C2

  • Kana extended-A: U+1B11F to U+1B122

  • Kannada: U+0CDD

  • Latin extended-D: U+A7C0, U+A7C1, U+A7D0, U+A7D1, U+A7D3, U+A7D5 to U+A7D9 and U+A7F2 to U+A7F4

  • Mongolian: U+180F

  • Musical symbols: U+1D1E9 and U+1D1EA

  • Oriya: U+0B55

  • Supplemental punctuation: U+2E53 to U+2E5D

  • Supplemental symbols and U+pictographs: U+1F979 and U+1F9CC

  • Symbols and U+pictographs extended-A: U+1FA7B, U+1FA7C, U+1FAA9 to U+1FAAC, U+1FAB7 to U+1FABA, U+1FAC3 to U+1FAC5, U+1FAD7 to U+1FAD9, U+1FAE0 to U+1FAE7 and U+1FAF0 to U+1FAF6

  • Tagalog: U+170D, U+1715 and U+171F

  • Tangut components U+18AF3 to U+18AFF

  • Telugu: U+0C3C and U+0C5D

  • Takri: U+116B9

  • Transport and U+map symbols: U+1F6DD to U+1F6DF

  • Vedic extensions U+1CFA

Completely empty blocks

Most of these blocks have bitmap glyphs available in Unifont or Unifont Upper.

  • Arabic extended B (U+0870...)

  • Chorasmian (U+10FB0...)

  • Cypro-Minoan (U+12F90...)

  • Dives Akuru (U+11900...)

  • Ethiopic extended-B (U+1E7E0...)

  • Indic Siyaq numbers (U+1EC71...)

  • Kana extended-B (U+1AFF0...)

  • Khitan small script (U+18B00...)

  • Latin extended-F (U+10780...)

  • Latin extended-G (U+1DF00...)

  • Lisu supplement (U+11FB0)

  • Makasar (U+11EE0...)

  • Nandinagari (U+119A0...)

  • Old Uyghur (U+10F70...)

  • Ottoman Siyaq numbers (U+1ED00...)

  • Syriac supplement (U+0860...)

  • Tangsa (U+16A70...)

  • Tangut supplement (U+18D00...)

  • Toto (U+1E290...)

  • Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics extended-A (U+11AB0...)

  • Vithkuqi (U+10570...)

  • Znamenny musical notation (U+1CF00...)

Some conscripts in the ConScript Unicode Registry (such as Klingon, Tengwar and Visible speech) have bitmap glyphs available in Unifont CSUR.

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