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 * '''Arabic mathematical alphabetic symbols''': U+1EEF0 and U+1EEF1

This page aims to document the Unicode coverage of all the fonts (including non-free ones) in Debian. It was created using fontforge, font-manager and gucharmap. You should also read the DebianInstaller/GUIFonts page to find out about the fonts used by the installer.

Please add any fonts which might fill in some of these blocks to the Fonts/Missing page.

TODO: automatically create this page based on the latest unicode-data package as well as all fonts in Debian unstable, using the fonts review:


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Incomplete blocks

With missing characters mentioned, most of these are available as bitmap glyphs in Unifont or Unifont Upper.

  • Arabic extended-A: U+08B8 and U+08D4 to U+08E2

  • Armenian: U+058D and U+058E

  • Bengali: U+09FC and U+09FD

  • Combining diacritical marks supplement: U+1DF6 to U+1DF9

  • Elbasan: U+10500 and U+10502 to U+10527

  • Georgian: U+10C7, U+10CD and U+10FD to U+10FF

  • Georgian supplement: U+2D27 and U+2D2D

  • Gujarati: U+0AFA to U+0AFF

  • Ideographic symbols and punctuation U+16FE1

  • Kannada: U+0C80

  • Khojki: U+1123E

  • Limbu: U+191D to U+191E

  • Malayalam: U+0D00, U+0D3B and U+0D3C

  • Myanmar extended-A: U+AA7C to U+AA7F

  • Old Hungarian: U+10C81, U+10C89, U+10C8B, U+10C90 to U+10C92, U+10C94 to U+10C98, U+10C9D to U+10C9F, U+10CA1, U+10CA8, U+10CA9, U+10CAC, U+10CC0 to U+10CF2 and U+10CFA to U+10CFF

  • Old Permic: U+10352, U+10353, U+1035A to U+1035E, U+10363 to U+10365, U+10368 to U+1036B and U+10371 to U+1037A

  • Sinhala: U+0DE6 to U+0DEF

  • Tangut U+17002 to U+17004, U+17006 to U+1702F, U+17032 to U+17037 and U+17039 to U+187EC

  • Tangut components U+1880C to U+1880F, U+18811, U+18813, U+18816 to U+18818, U+1881C to U+1881F, U+18825, U+18826, U+18829, U+1882E to U+18830, U+18834 to U+1883C, U+1883E to U+1884C, U+1884E to U+18852, U+18857, U+18859, U+1885A, U+1885D, U+1885E, U+18860, U+18865, U+18867, U+18868, U+1886B to U+1886E, U+18870 to U+1887C, U+1887E to U+18881, U+18883 to U+1889B, U+1889D to U+188AF, U+188B1 to U+188C6, U+188C8 to U+188D6, U+188D9 to U+188E8, U+188EA to U+18919, U+1891E, U+18921 to U+18942, U+18946 to U+18959, U+1895B to U+18975, U+18977 to U+18AD4 and U+18AD6 to U+18AF2

  • Vedic extensions U+1CF7 to U+1CF9

Completely empty blocks

Most of these blocks have bitmap glyphs available in Unifont or Unifont Upper.

  • Adlam (U+1E900...)

  • Ahom (U+11700...)

  • Bassa Vah (U+16AD0...)

  • Bhaiksuki (U+11C00...)

  • Caucasian Albanian (U+10530...)

  • Chakma (U+11100...)

  • Cherokee supplement (U+AB70...)

  • Duployan (U+1BC00...)

  • Glagolitic supplement (U+1E000...)

  • Grantha (U+11300...)

  • Hatran (U+108E0...)

  • Khojki (U+11200...)

  • Khudawadi (U+112B0...)

  • Mahajani (U+11150...)

  • Manichaean (U+10AC0...)

  • Marchen (U+11C70...)

  • Masaram Gondi (U+11D00...)

  • Mende Kikakui (U+1E800...)

  • Miao (U+16F00...)

  • Modi (U+11600...)

  • Mongolian supplement (U+11660...)

  • Mro (U+16A40...)

  • Multani (U+11280...)

  • Myanmar extended-B (U+A9E0...)

  • Nabataean (U+10880...)

  • Newa (U+11400...)

  • Nushu (U+1B170...)

  • Old North Arabian (U+10A80...)

  • Osage (U+104B0...)

  • Pahawh Hmong (U+16B00...)

  • Palmyrene (U+10860...)

  • Pau Cin Hau (U+11AC0...)

  • Psalter Pahlavi (U+10B80...)

  • Sharada (U+11180...)

  • Siddham (U+11580...)

  • Sinhala archaic numbers (U+111E0...)

  • Sora Sompeng (U+110D0...)

  • Soyombo (U+11A50...)

  • Sutton signwriting (U+1D800...)

  • Syriac supplement (U+0860...)

  • Takri (U+11680...)

  • Tirhuta (U+11480...)

  • Warang Citi (U+118A0...)

  • Zanabazar square (U+11A00...)

Some conscripts in the ConScript Unicode Registry (such as Klingon, Tengwar and Visible speech) have bitmap glyphs available in Unifont CSUR.

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