This page aims to document the Unicode coverage of all the fonts (including non-free ones) in Debian. It was created using fontforge, font-manager and gucharmap. You should also read the DebianInstaller/GUIFonts page to find out about the fonts used by the installer.

Please add any fonts which might fill in some of these blocks to the Fonts/Missing page.

TODO: automatically create this page based on the latest unicode-data package as well as all fonts in Debian unstable, using the fonts review:

Quick test

Firefox seems to render all Wikipedia languages:

Incomplete blocks

Completely empty blocks

Some blocks have bitmap glyphs available in Unifont and Unifont Upper, noted with an asterisk (*) below.

Some conscripts in the ConScript Unicode Registry (such as Klingon, Tengwar and Visible speech) have bitmap glyphs available in Unifont CSUR and Unifont Upper CSUR.

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