How to add fonts (from scratch) to the pkg-fonts SVN

This is also briefly described here.

Basically all you need to do is to unpack upstream source in an empty directory (the upstream source alone, without debian/), go to that directory and use svn-load as explained in README.source:

$ svn-load -t packages/<package>/tags/upstream_${version} \
svn+ssh:// branches/<package>/upstream .

The above is the simplest use of svn-load to merge a new upstream
version into the "upstream" branch and copy it to a per-version tag
directory; please see "svn-load --help" for a list of other options
that are of interest.  

Note that this only imports the new upstream version into the
branch, it doesn't merge it onto the trunk.  

So, let's assume that your trunk currently only contains debian/ Go to your clean copy of the trunk and run:

$ svn merge \
svn+ssh://<package>/tags/upstream_{new_version} .

This will bring your upstream source in the trunk and "svn add" it. "svn status" will show you upstream files as added. Then you can commit back the merge source:

$ svn commit -m "merge upstream $version"

When a new upstream release happens, you do the very same svn-load, then go to your clean copy of the trunk (which contains the previous version of upstream) and run:

$ svn merge \
svn+ssh://<package>/tags/upstream_{old_version,new_version} .

That will merge the difference between your two tag directories where you are (ie: in the trunk), then you commit back, and repeat the same steps. When you release a new package version from the trunk, you take care to commit everything you changed, in your trunk copy, then you tag the whole thing:

svn copy svn+ssh://<package>/trunk \

There are many things here that are maybe doable with tools included in svn-buildpackage.

Based on the original mail from Christian PERRIER.

An alternative method to import your font package into svn is to use svn-inject (available from the svn-buildpackage Debian package), you will need to have a source package prepared then just run:

$ svn-inject <.dsc file> svn+ssh://