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 * [[http://aajohan.deviantart.com/art/Comfortaa-font-105395949|Comfortaa]] from Johan Aakerlund (OFL)

This page attempts to list fonts that are missing from Debian (including nice non-free ones).


This section lists fonts that are under a free licence or look like they are DFSG-free.

Fonts covering scripts currently missing in Debian:

  • Annapurna SIL by SIL, covering some Common Indic number forms (OFL 1.1)

  • Cardo by David J. Perry, MUFI v3 compatible — old European glyphs (OFL 1.1)

  • Adinatha Tamil Brahmi by Shriramana Sharma, Vinodh Rajan and Udhaya Shankar, covering some Brahmi (OFL 1.1)

  • Ahuramazda by Ernst Tremel, covering most Avestan and some Inscriptional Pahlavi (OFL 1.1)

  • Mingzat by SIL, covering most Lepcha (OFL 1.1)

  • Namdhinggo SIL by SIL, covering most Limbu (OFL 1.1)

  • Noto by Google, covering some missing glyphs, with even higher coverage promised (Apache 2.0)

  • Tai Heritage Pro by SIL, covering most Tai Viet (OFL 1.1)

  • ZH Mono by Zach Harrison, covering most Inscriptional Pahlavi and Inscriptional Parthian (dual license: OFL 1.1 and GPL 3)

Fonts belonging to the same family or “foundry line” of fonts already in Debian:

Other fonts:

  • ttf-fossfonts — large font package for Ubuntu

  • New Athena Unicode from the American Philological Association (OFL)

  • Ormaxx — bitmap fonts for x (pcf/bdf)
  • Rockets (not really that nice)

  • Several Bengali fonts from Ekushey (OFL 1.0)

  • Various fonts from The League of Moveable Type (OFL, PD)

  • Dark Garden is a decorative outline font of unusual shape (dual license: OFL and GPL)

  • Google Fonts is a collection that contains a lot of free fonts. See 583619

  • EB Garamond (repo) is a nice font family with good coverage of the Latin script and OT features (OFL) – has a couple punctuation marks currently missing in Debian


This section lists candidates for the non-free section of the archive. Do not add fonts that you know we cannot distribute.

  • Code2000 and its companion fonts by James Kass, covering Buhid, Cham, Ol Chiki, Phags-pa and Rejang (copyright/license in dispute)

  • Siddhanta by Mihail Bayaryn, covering Vedic extensions; the font is using the CC-by-NC-ND 3.0 license, but the author has previously made fonts available with GPL; as other projects (Fedora, SIL) are working on extending their Devanagari fonts the need for this non-free font may be outwaited

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