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## page was renamed from UefiBiosUpdates

Known ways to update UEFI / BIOS on common hardware

This is a collection of known ways to update your BIOS (really UEFI and other build in stuff like Intel ME) on well known common hardware like brand name laptops. This page does not (yet?) target server grade hardware, there you usually have out of band management systems which also allow you to apply various updates.

fwupd - Linux Vendor Firmware Service

fwupd is a software which utilizes a firmware database to fetch missing updates for your system. Currently the vendor coverage is not too broad but it is a good starting point before you dive into vendor specific update procedures.

Homepage: https://fwupd.org/ Device list: https://fwupd.org/lvfs/devicelist


Many current Dell devices are also covered by the Linux Vendor Firmware Service you can consume with fwupd.

Latitude E series


  1. Download the file "Latitude_E7x70_1.18.5.exe" (or whatever is the current release).
  2. Move the file to "/boot/efi/".
  3. Boot into the one time boot menu with F12 during the BIOS/UEFI start.
  4. Select the "Flash BIOS Update" menu option.
  5. Use your mouse to select the update file visually and watch the magic.

Works on

  • E7470




  1. Download the BIOS Update bootable CD image from Lenovo "n1eur31w.iso" (Select Windows as OS so it's available for download).
  2. Extract the eltorito boot image from the image geteltorito -o thinkpad.img Downloads/n1eur31w.iso.

  3. Dump it on a USB thumb drive dd if=thinkpad.img of=/dev/sdX.

  4. Boot from this thumb drive and follow the instructions of the installer.

Works on

  • P50
  • X220