Becoming the greatest browser ever very quickly. Uses the gecko rendering engine from Mozilla but puts it in a light weight and fast new interface.

In DebianSarge, the name of the package containing Firefox is mozilla-firefox

DebianEtch and DebianSid provides only the free fork named Iceweasel. (The dummy package firefox exists to ease transition to iceweasel).

Invoke it using one of the following:



or simply


For Gnome launcher, use

 /usr/lib/firefox/firefox "%s"

to open a concrete page.


The plugin directory is

for more info on Firefox plugins, refer to the plugins section of the Mozilla page.

It has Javascript enabled by default.


  1. My firefox is consistently crashing on a website
  2. First run firefox without loading any extensions and see if the problem persists. This can be done by using the -safe-mode option

    firefox -safe-mode

    mv ~/.mozilla/firefox ~/old_firefox
    firefox &

    strace firefox http://offending_page.url 2> firefox_strace_$(date +%Y-%b-%d_%H:%M:%S).txt
    strace iceweasel 2> firefox_iceweasel_$(date +%Y-%b-%d_%H:%M:%S).txt

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