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 * ["FAT"].
 * ["NTFS"].
 * ["FAT"]
 * ["NTFS"]
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 * FilesystemHierarchyStandard .
 * FileSystemsAndDisks with information about ext3 filesystems.
 * FilesystemHierarchyStandard
 * FileSystemsAndDisks with information about ext3 filesystems
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 * http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/filesystem .  * {Wikipedia:filesystem}


Filesystems are a collection of files that are stored in the system in some way. There are numerous ways of storing files and therefore, there are many types of filesystems.

Every filesystem type describes a uniform method of storing files onto a storage medium(eg. a partition on a hard disk). Without these descriptions, it would be very difficult to share files with other people. One would have to give a description of the way that they stored a file on a floppy disk as well as the actual floppy disk they give to someone.


  • ["FAT"]
  • ["NTFS"]

See also

  • {Wikipedia:filesystem}