FedMsg is the message passing system based on ZeroMQ used by the Fedora project for its infrastructure. There's been a project (see SummerOfCode2013/StudentApplications/SimonChopin) to adapt this system for Debian use.


Each Debian service should have its own public endpoints. Furthermore, there will be a publicly accessible relay that will subscribe to all available *.debian.org enpoints as well as the *.debian.net endpoints, and send out messages from the former on one endpoint and another for the latter, to keep the distinction between official services.

NB: Currently, there is only one open relay endpoint at tcp://fedmsg.debian.net:9940 and all messages it sends out are from *.debian.net services, but this will almost certainly change in the future.

Topic scheme

Each message published on the bus should have a naming scheme of the form




The current fedmsg setup in Debian passes messages to a IRC gateway, allowing events to be seen on #debian-fedmsg (irc.debian.org).