Xilinx provides multiple tools for creating FPGA based System on Chips, most notably the Xilinx Embedded Developers Kit (EDK). FPGA's are useful when building a custom ASIC takes too long or is prohibitively expensive. As FPGA's have become cheaper and more effective the need for custom asics in many computer engineering purposes has declined. Current FPGA systems have grown to be entire system on chips where one or more hard or soft processor is wrapped by reconfigurable logic which implements the standard bus features found in modern computing systems. This new trend has allowed FPGA based SOC's to utilize COTS OS's like Linux.

There is a kernel branch maintained at http://git.xilinx.com where Xilinx maintains patches against the mainline Linux Kernel. These pages describe the process of building the Linux Kernel for Xilinx FPGA's and utilizing Debian Linux on these systems.

In order to tell the kernel about the devices, the device-tree bsp (also hosted at http://git.xilinx.com) was created. This project takes the device map from the EDK tool and transforms it into your standard openfirmware device-tree file as commonly found in PowerPC Macs.

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