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FMOD is a commercial library not provide by Debian. It use to manage sound and music in C/C++ project.

This article describe how to install FMOD on your Debian system.

FMOD Download API and Lib

Get development library

Install library on your Debian system

What you must install

In the archive file, you can found lot of files. You can install the content of the api folder. For the libs (.so), choose the arch folder that fit to your architecture. ex with x86_64:

inc/*.h : The header files containing FMOD's prototype using by your compiler library

Normal way, Debian packages install libraries in /usr/lib. In this case, we are going to install a non-maintaining library. So we install it in /usr/local/lib.

cp ~/fmodstudioapi10903linux/api/fsbank/lib/x86_64/*so /usr/local/lib/
cp ~/fmodstudioapi10903linux/api/lowlevel/lib/x86_64/*so /usr/local/lib/
cp ~/fmodstudioapi10903linux/api/studio/lib/x86_64/*so /usr/local/lib/


Like previous case, headers are install in /usr/local/include instead /usr/include as normal way.

cp  ~/fmodstudioapi10903linux/api/fsbank/inc/*.h /usr/local/include/
cp  ~/fmodstudioapi10903linux/api/lowlevel/inc/*.h /usr/local/include/
cp  ~/fmodstudioapi10903linux/api/studio/inc/*.h /usr/local/include/


Add to your c file

#include <fmod.h>

and more if needed

#include <fmod_studio.h>


Add following options to your command line:

-I/usr/local/include -L/usr/local/lib -lfmod



FSOUND_Init can't initialize

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