Development Meeting in the course of WorkSessionsExtremadura2007

The FAI development team would like to help get the Extremadura Custom Distribution installed with FAI. We'd like to go there and check:

This information is all it needs to create a basic FAI configuration to install Gnulinex. Some testing and and tinkering will surely be necessray to get this running nice, but it should be possible to get this going in a long weekend.

Then, when we get there fast enough, we can also give some training/introduction for gnulinex/Extremadura people on the general use of FAI - together with the previously created config they shoud then be able to add their specific configs and special systemtypes, and get their systems installed automatically in a flexible way.


ATTENTION - registration for sponsored participation has finished! please contact HenningSprang if you want to attend

(BTW: not everybody will work on Gnulinex Installation - see the work topics for each person - the requirement to attend the meeting is for people to work on FAI related things)

more concrete and verbose work goals


We have not agreed on a very concrete schedule(yet?).

Especially for the goal of getting ?GnuLinex and DebianEdu installed with FAI, it might be interesting to get close to the DebianEdu Team - their schedule is at: DebianEdu/Extremadura2007/Schedule. Also, the CDD Team is meeting there and then, too: CustomDebian/Extremadura2007

Travel Information

Registered participants will have been sent their flight information.

We're still waiting to get some further information about travel from MAD airport to the final destination. As we've been told the meeting is together with debianEdu and CustomDebian teams, this info might help:

Get from Madrid to Merida

Fresh information on how to get from the airport to Merida - Quoting Cesar: