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One of the goals of the DebianEdu project must be to collect a group of graphics artists in contributing / improving the appearance of the DebianEdu project. The following are the aims of EyeCandiness:

  • Create pleasing interfaces / images for the installer. This will be done by means of first studying installers of popular GNU/Linux distributions, pinning down on usability issues and presenting these factors to the installer developers. EconomicGraphics should be a key aspect in designing graphics for installers and applications where graphics really donot matter.

  • Create a uniform, intuitive set of Icons for commonly used buttons in all GUI apps.
  • Get in touch with various GUI package maintainers and figure out how the default icons/images can be replaced/made repleaceable with that of the icons created by us. This will help in making all the interfaces look appealing and intuitive. So a Stop button in a Gtk application will not look different from the Stop button in a Qt Application.

  • Beautify / increase the EyeCandiness of standard apps like gdm/kdm, gnome/Kde splash screens, etc.,