Extra menus for scientific and technical applications

This page is created to coordinate the implementation of new categories in the ?FreeDesktopMenu and negotiation with the freedesktop.org (fd.o, formerly known as X Desktop Group , XDG) team to add them to the official fd.o menu specification. This project was started in the following thread on ?DebianDevel:


A second thread woke up the project in March (split on two lists)


Standard categories: "Main" and "Additional"

The fd.o specification for the destkop menus specifies two types of categories: "Main" and "Additional". In version 1.0, the main categories are: AudioVideo, Audio, Video, Development, Education, Game, Graphics, Network, Office, Settings, System and Utility. These categories have their own entry in the Application menu (exceptions for Audio, Video and Settings). "Additional" categories provide more fine grained information about the application, but do not get their own entry in the Application menu. A "Main" category must always be specified in a .desktop file.

Proposed new "Main" entries in the menu

We have to be realistic and avoid making a proposition that would be rejected on the ground that it would overload the menu in lambda installations. However, it is important to note that sub-menus with no entries are not supposed to be displayed (needs reference).

The following lists all the ideas already presented. The final list does not need to be so comprehensive.

Relationship with Education

We need a consensus on this to proceed: some tools can be used for studying known scientific facts (Education), to produce new knowledge (Science), or to prepare experiment and/or process data (Technical).

Broader goal: a menu profile

If a universal solution (adding new categories and univoqually distributing applications in), there is still the possibility of using desktop-profiles to solve our problem.

Problem with merged-directories entry

(1200412766.31188.28.camel@localhost)): some changes are needed in gnome-applications.menu and kde-applications.menu in order to avoid duplicated entries.

Coordination with other distributions

Having our proposal endorsed by working groups from other distributions would ease its adoption. In this section, we should list our support or the groups we plan to contact.