Verizon Yahoo Exim4 setup

This will describe changes needed to setup Exim 4 using the single file configuration (default) to work with my verizon yahoo e-mail account which uses AUTH SMTP. I hopefully described everything, otherwise feel free to correct it.

  1. In dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config, choose ‘smarthost and fetchmail’ and use ‘’ for smarthost.

  2. Add a line *:authuser:AUTHPASS to /etc/exim4/passwd.client where authuser is your smtp user and AUTHPASS is your smtp password. Normally a use case is provided by your ISP.

  3. Add a line username:EMAILADDRESS to /etc/exim4/email-addresses where username is what you use and emailaddress is something@somthing.example .

  4. Add a line AUTH_CLIENT_ALLOW_NOTLS_PASSWORDS = true to /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.localmacros. This holds only for unsplit configuration and allows your password to be transmitted over the Internet in clear text.

  5. update-exim4.conf

  6. invoke-rc.d exim4 restart

This should be it!