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Packaging notes


  • Most deps are figured by inspection of ./configure.in and 'find /e-d-s/source -name "*.c" -or -name "*.h" -exec grep "\#include" {} \;'
  • One "transient dependency" assumption is made in build-deps - it is assumed that libgnomeui-dev pulls in libxml2-dev, libglib2.0-dev, libatk1.0-dev, libgtk2.0-dev, libglade2-dev, libgnomecanvas2-dev, liborbit2-dev, libbonobo2-dev, libgconf2-dev, libgnomevfs2-dev, libbonoboui2-dev

-dev packages Depends:

  • To find dependencies on other libraries, assume that the pkg-config files in /usr/lib/pkgconfig are correct, and match the dependencies in "Requires:" there. If that is not enough, notify upstream and fix


  • Build-depends on gtkhtml3.8 because it needs /usr/share/gtkhtml-3.8/Editor.idl
  • Build-depends on e-d-s-dev for convenience, assuming that e-d-s-dev pull in all -devs. Could have made more finely grained dependencies
  • Are all of "libdbus-glib-1-dev, libdbus-1-dev, libnm-glib-dev" build-deps necessary?


  • One "transient dependency" assumption is made - it is assumed that libgnomeui-dev pulls in libglib2.0-dev, libgconf2-dev, libatk1.0-dev, libgtk2.0-dev, libbonobo2-dev
  • Should /usr/share/gtkhtml-3.8/Editor.idl be installed to /usr/share/idl?
  • configure.in probably does not need to check for libglade-2, since it is not used
  • configure.in should probably check for libgnomeprint-2.2 instead of libgnomeprintui-2.2
  • configure.in should probably check for libbonobo-2.0 instead of libbonoboui-2.0
  • configure.in: GTKHTML_MODULES should probably contain only glib, gtk, gconf and libgnomeprint
  • configure.in: remove build-dep libgnomeprintui-2.2 if GTKHTML is corrected in configure.in

binNMU support

<lool> feedback: so on that bin NMU thing, it's a new feature the release team gained recently
<lool> feedback: the concept is to download the source from the archive, and re build the binary packages
<lool> _feedback: it's vert special in that the source doesn't change, so Source-Version is still the same version
<_feedback> lool: ok, and that's it, so everything should depend on Source-Version
<lool> _feedback: when we write strict dependencies, we used to write "={Source-Version}' (or >=)
<lool> but that breaks with bin NMUs
<_feedback> hum.. so?
<lool> _feedback: if the source has eg 2.1.0-1, the bin NMU will have 2.1.0-1+b1 for a version
<lool> yet the =source-version dep will look like = 2.1.0-1
<lool> but this won't exist in the archive anymore
<lool> _feedback: so the solution is to introduce a new substvar, binary:Version
<_feedback> ok, so, depending on ={binary:Version} solves it?
<lool> making a package bin NMU ready means fixing the dependency between arch: any packages to use $binary:Version
<lool> but you need a build-dep on a newer dpkg-dev for this
<lool> you also have to be careful with arch: all packages which won't be bin NMU ed
<lool> you should always depend on them with =source:Version (same as Source-Version, but looks like binary:Version)
<lool> and they should depend on arch: any packages with >= source:Version
<lool> _feedback: so that's it :)

pkg-config files

<shaka> lool: for some reason i got the "housekeeping task" spirit over me just in time for this upload. what i did was match -dev depends with .pc Requires: -- is that the right way to do it?
<vorlon> shaka: if there are no .la files, then yes
<vorlon> shaka: Requires: and Requires.private: if you want to support private linking out of the box; considerably more if you have .la files that embed references to all kinds of crap
<lool> shaka: yes, that's correct
<lool> shaka: you need to depend on packages shipping headers or libraries or pc files referenced from your pc files
<lool> shaka: a nice thing to do is to move headers/modules/libs which are only useful to link statically from requires to requires.private, or from libs to libs.private
<lool> (in pc files)
<lool> shaka: however, moving requires to requires.privates when this pulled headers (-I flags) might break stuff, there's a bug against pkg-config for that 
<lool> shaka, heikkih: hmm e-d-s isn't doing terribly good   :-/
<shaka> lool: so, what if your foo-dev has foo.pc and /usr/include/foo/foo.h with a #include <bar.h> and there is no Requires: bar-pkg
<shaka> lool: is that a reason to add it to Requires: (that would be notify upstream)?
<lool> shaka: you can also add -I to cflags
<shaka> lool: yes, of course
<lool> shaka: one part of the pkg-config discussion in the bug is whether such inclusion of headers (API) should cause a link to the included library