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New Mail Notification in Evolution

New mail notification gives you an audio- or visual warning when new mail has landed in your mailbox. There are several ways to enable new mail notification in Evolution. If you want to be notified even when Evolution is not running, you must enable notification independently of Evolution. The package mail-notification is one of many applications that can do this. For example if your account type is IMAP, mail-notification can query the IMAP server directly, give you notification of new mail and you can still use Evolution to read the actual mail. The configurations described here, however, all are means of giving notification of mail detection through Evolution.

Mail Notification

Support for this was added 2006-06-30. It is maybe the most elegant solution presented here. Make sure the 'mail-notification' package is installed. From the GNOME menu Desktop->User Settings, start Mail Notification.


OSD notification

Install the packages gnome-osd and evolution-plugins. Enable the 'new-mail-notification' Evolution plugin. From the GNOME menu Desktop->User Settings, start OSD Notifications and enable notification of new email.


Audio notification

Audio notifications can be enabled through the Evolution settings menu. Choose beep or a sound file to be played when new mail arrive. To make this work, esd must be running.