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Evolution groupware client

installing Evolution

aptitude install evolution


Spell Checking

Spell checking needs enchant and any dictionary of the group hunspell-en, myspell-en or aspell-en (replace "en" by your language code).

Next restart Evolution and select under Edit > Settings > Editor Settings > Spell Checking the languages you use. To have the composer automatically check your spelling while you type, select Check Spelling While I Type. You can set the color for misspelled words.

Problems with some folders?

Sometimes, there are problems with some folders, such as that the trash bin is not emptied any more. Then close Evolution, in ~/.cache/evolution/ remove file folders.db, restart Evolution. Evolution will automatically create a new folders.db.

Mail Notification

see EvolutionMailNotification for different ways to enable mail notification (probably obsolete since DebianSqueeze).


see EvolutionSecurity for signing and encrypting with GnuPG and S/MIME


Old entries in the Calendar can be removed. It is advisable to first do a backup of the data. Go to Actions > Clean. Enter the number of dates back from today you want to keep. Note that any value >1000 will automatically be reduced to 1000.

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