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From: Vedran Vucic <vvucic@EUnet.yu>

Dear colleague,

My name is Vedran Vucic and I am president of the board of the Linux Centre in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro (http://www.gnucentar.org.yu). We would like to cooperate with you on this project.

With best wishes,

Vedran Vucic

From: Theodore Karkoulis <bilbo@debian.gr>


As a member of the active skolelinux community in Greece, me and Konstantinos Margarits would like to participate in this project as well, as individual developers. There has been interest from people in Education, who want to help with this project as well.

We will talk with local organizations and ministries about this, and maybe we can find a potential "partner" to be part of this project.


Theodore Karkoulis