EtchTODOList Meta


The EtchTODOList contains a list of items which are /actively being worked on/ for Etch. To list an item, you should:

It should be clear for people who want to help out who to contact or where to look next. Where relevant, link to a ?WikiPage where people can learn more.

Wish list items

Lists things people want to see, but nobody has stepped up to do them, or, things which people probably have stepped up to work on but no evidence is available for the wiki yet (or it hasn't been linked in). Use the last section of the EtchTODOList for these issues, but first check that its not already covered by the list or discussed and rejected on the mailing lists. This list should be used sparingly.


A number of large discussions after the release of Sarge spawned the initial versions of these wiki pages.


Here's a few simple rules to keep the lists as useful as possible:



Work needed

This wiki is peripheral to, and not a core part of, the project's organisation. Therefore, as features are suggested and implemented or discarded, these lists will have to be maintained in order to ensure that they are up-to-date.