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 * This page is licensed under [:GPL:GPL v2], or later.  * This page is licensed under [:GPL:GPL v2].

[:DebianLenny:Debian Lenny] > Etch to Lenny Upgrade

Upgrading Debian GNU/Linux from Etch (4.0) to Lenny (5.0)


Debian [:DebianLenny:Lenny] Release notes ?BR. http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/release-notes/

This page is a placeholder for future (semi-official) contents.

If you use Backports

In general, backports.org only has backports made from testing but with reduced version numbers (apt considers ~ lower than -), therefore the upgrade path from etch-backports to lenny is saved. However, there are a few backports only which are made from unstable (security updates and the following exceptions: firefox, kernel, openoffice.org, xorg).

If you do not use one of these exceptions, you can safely upgrade to lenny. If you use one of these exceptions, set the pin-priority (see man apt_preferences) temporarily to 1001 for all packages from etch, and you should be able to do a safe dist-upgrade too.

For instance, the trac package in backports has version


and in lenny


As 0.11.1-2~bpo40+1 < 0.11.1-2 according to debian versioning conventions, the backports package will be replaced by the lenny package when you upgrate to lenny.

If you use backports, but does not upgrade to Lenny immediatly after Lenny is released, you should disable backports.org entries in your sources.list, if you don't want to get packages from Squeeze. This can happen because backports are build based on testing, and testing will change fron lenny to squeeze as soon as Lenny is released. This issue is discussed in [http://lists.debian.org/debian-isp/2008/09/msg00046.html this thread] on the debian-isp mailing list. TBD: confirm or infirm this from backports.org

This behaviour has been confirmed by the backports team in this[http://lists.backports.org/lurker-bpo/message/20080930.090902.0f29d785.en.html mail].


  • This page is licensed under [:GPL:GPL v2].