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   * ["fr/DebianWiki"]
   * ["fr/Network"]
   * ["fr/Webcam"]
   * ["fr/SystemAdministration"]
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  * a lot of minor fixes (typo, links...)   * a lot of minor fixes (typo, links, Interwiki links,...)
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   * deletion of TaskDescription and its subpages
    * TaskDescription/PackageRepositoryMaintainers moved to ["Teams/FTPMaster"]

Eric Veiras Galisson


Debian user since 2000/2001.

E-mail : ?MailTo(eric AT PASDEPOURRIELS veiras DOT info)

Work in this Wiki

A Wiki is a great tool to manage information, but it tends to be really chaotic and disorganized, and a big work is to structure and organize all the information, creating categories/portals, fixing links, merging and deleting content. This work needs to be continuous because most content will be added "as is" and will need some later reorganization.

I created an account on this Wiki on may 2006, with no real purpose (maybe just for a little fix), but soon I realise that this Wiki needs a great refactoring to structure the information, and, moreover, a reflexion about what we want to find here, how we structure it, etc.

When I came back to this Wiki several months ago, I was surprised and happy to see this work have started and several people (see FranklinPiat and SalokineTerata which are very active) have started this no-so-interesting-but-it-needs-to-be-done-work and good practices have been fixed for this administrative work (see ["DebianWiki/Administration"] and DebianWiki/EditorGuide).

So, now, I just try to help.


MoinMoin is a great Wiki software, but some tools are still lacking, example 'how can I find each page I have modified/created?', so here I will try to list the work I do to ease traceability.

  • before 04/2008, i can't find all my editions, so this list isn't complete
    • creation of the ["Root"] page
    • first translations in French of some pages
      • the actual ["PageD'Accueil"]
      • ["fr/ProgrammingLanguage"]
      • ["fr/DebianWiki"]
      • ["fr/Network"]
      • ["fr/Webcam"]
      • ["fr/SystemAdministration"]
    • some deletions
    • a lot of minor fixes (typo, links, Interwiki links,...)
  • 08/04/2008
    • purge in the CategoryProposedDeletion

      • deletion of ["cat"], ["less"], ["lsmod"] fixing links to these pages to point to http://manpages.debian.net

      • deletion of ["Security"], merging content in SecurityManagement and fixing links

      • deletion of ["Motor"], fixing links too
      • deletion of ?TaskDescription and its subpages

        • ?TaskDescription/PackageRepositoryMaintainers moved to ["Teams/FTPMaster"]

Discussion / Comments

English / Français / Español

-- SalokineTerata ?DateTime(2008-03-04T19:23:44Z): Salut, pour info [http://wiki.debian.org/fr/DesktopEnvironment?action=diff&rev2=7&rev1=6 les liens qui sautent] sont du à une édition via le mode graphique. J'avais commencé à en corriger mais peut-être devrions-nous remonter le bug (si ce n'est pas déjà fait) @+

  • En effet, c'est étrange. Si on est sûr que c'est bien la cause, rapporter le bug sur http://moinmo.in serait le mieux. J'ai un compte, je peux le faire, par contre, on est pas sur la dernière version et le mieux serait d'être sûr que c'est également le cas en MoinMoin 1.6.1. (je n'ai pas encore migré mes instances privées) -- EricVeirasGalisson ?DateTime(2008-03-05T08:11:01Z)

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