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Work in this Wiki

A Wiki is a great tool to manage information, but it tends to be really chaotic and disorganized, and a big work is to structure and organize all the information, creating categories/portals, fixing links, merging and deleting content. This work needs to be continuous because most content will be added "as is" and will need some later reorganization.

I created an account on this Wiki on may 2006, with no real purpose (maybe just for a little fix), but soon I realise that this Wiki needs a great refactoring to structure the information, and, moreover, a reflexion about what we want to find here, how we structure it, etc.

When I came back to this Wiki several months ago, I was surprised and happy to see this work have started and several people (see FranklinPiat and SalokineTerata which are very active) have started this not-so-interesting-but-it-needs-to-be-done-work and good practices have been fixed for this administrative work (see DebianWiki/Administration and DebianWiki/EditorGuide).

So, now, I just try to help.


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MoinMoin is a great Wiki software, but some tools are still lacking, example 'how can I find each page I have modified/created?', so here I will try to list the work I do to ease traceability.

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Salut Eric,

À propos de ton édition :
JabberClients reformating - but maybe this page is not really useful...

Cette page fait parti d'un groupe de pages dédiées à Jabber que je viens tout juste de créées pour faire écho à celles concernant IRC :
IRC & IrcClients

Jabber est un formidable outil en particulier pour la messagerie instantanée. Quelques salons de discussion et support Debian commencent à voir le jour, je pense qu'ils sont une alternative sexy à IRC pour attirer plus de non-informaticiens sur Debian. J'ai contacter chacun des propriétaires des salon référencés avant d'ajouter les coordonées de ces salons, tous ont répondu positivement à cette initiative.

Voici les pages en question :




Merci, pour ta contribution.

GeoffB [Mon Jul 28 11:59:13 CEST 2008]

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