Title: Automatic debug packages creation and handling Student: Emilio Pozuelo Monfort Abstract: This proposal aims at providing debug binary packages for the packages in the Debian archive in an automatic manner, moving them away from the official Debian archive to an special one.

This has the benefits of providing thousands of debug packages without any work needed from the developers, for all the architectures, without bloating the archive. Content:

Name: Emilio Pozuelo Monfort

Email: pochu27@gmail.com, IRC: pochu on irc.oftc.net, irc.freenode.net and irc.gimp.org

Background: I'm a 20 years old from Murcia, Spain. I'm studying Computer Science in the Universidad de Murcia. I've been involved in Free Software for 2 or 3 years, doing package maintenance in Ubuntu and Debian, bug triaging, a few patches here and there... and I'm now one of the upstream developers for Liferea (a feed reader).. I have extended knowledge and experience of Debian packaging and build process, which will be a key issue for this proposal. I also know how the Debian project is organized, and where to ask questions

Project title: Automatic debug packages creation and handling

Synopsis: This proposal aims at providing debug binary packages for the packages in the Debian archive in an automatic manner.

Benefits to Debian: This would allow us to remove various hundreds of binary packages from the official archive and the mirrors reducing the archive size in several GBs, and would automatically provide thousands of debug packages with debugging symbols for packages that don't provide them, without any work needed from the developer, and without work on the packages required. It would also ease the integration of some tool (e.g. Apport) to automatically provide stack traces with debugging symbols for crashes in the user system.

Deliverables: Implement automatic debug packages creation in the Debian buildds and integrate them with an archive for them, such as debug.debian.net or ddebs.debian.org

Project details: Basically, to consider this project implemented, we should have an archive with debug packages automatically created in the official buildds during the packages build process. We will likely base this on pkg-create-dbgsym from Ubuntu to create the debug packages during the build process. Those packages will then need to get to the debug archive. One possibility would be to add them to the .changes file that is uploaded to dak. That would require some changes to dak so that it knows what to do with the .ddeb packages. The implementation details will be discussed in wb-team@buildd.debian.org (buildd admins) and other affected lists, like debian-dak@lists.debian.org

Project schedule: I'd be able to start working on this right now, although not probably at 100% until I'm done with university (end of June).

Other summer plans: I want to travel round Italy during the last week of July or so, but that's not definite

Exams and other commitments: I have exams on the second half of June

If you are not a Debian Developer: I'll keep contributing to Debian with package maintenance. I also want to become a Debian Developer