"Package Deliverables"

  1. Finish the automatic updating of the Emdebian toolchains for i386 and amd64 built locally on buildd.emdebian.org. Add support for powerpc toolchains to notify a powerpc buildd and updating the information when new powerpc packages are available. (If a powerpc machine is still not available by the summer, just implement the code that would support such an addition at a later date).
  2. Calculate how and when to auto-build emdebian packages, tracking debian versions and including support for developers to track packages which have build failures. Includes improving existing tools and expanding existing code to compare the Emdebian repository against the Debian mirrors.
  3. Set up a buildd system and web pages (like buildd.debian.org) for Emdebian packages. This task follows on naturally from task3. The web fontend should indicate the build status of each Emdebian package and link to the build logs for each package (successful and failed). The buildd system needs to trigger an automated build of an Emdebian package that has been updated in Debian, assess the success or failure of the build, update the web frontend and upload the package if the build was successful.
  4. Document each task and merge the new documentation into existing Emdebian documentation, updating the existing content where necessary. Indicate elements within the documentation that *must* be done as distinct from elements that *should* be done in the documented manner, to aid the creation of an Emdebian Policy document.

Possible Schedule:

Task1 - Start of the SoC Project. Estimated time: 2 weeks.

Task2 - Main body of the SoC Project. Estimated time: 6 weeks.

Task3 - As this includes some overlap with Task3, coding for Task4 can begin at any point within Task3. The specific work for Task4 should not take longer than 2 weeks after the end of Task3.

Task4 - To be started at a suitable point within Task3 and updated through Task4 but estimated to need up to 2 weeks after the end of Tasks 3 and 4 to complete.