Slind is an embedded Debian based distribution produced at Siemens by Wartan Hachaturow and Alexander Shishkin. It uses dpkg-cross to build both glibc and uclibc versions of packages, and currently only supports targets which are capable of NFS-mounting a filesystem and running dpkg (of course, if you're brave enough, you can flash the slind-installer image, do the installation, and then flash the resulting target image -- without NFS-mounting. But it requires lots of space and time).

It currently has enough packages ported for a simple base system, and needs work to add more packages. This work essentially involves making the build rules of packages dpkg-cross aware. The built packages are transferred to the system by any supported way (NFS mount, http/ftp from the target itself with apt, USB sticks, whatever), and installed on it directly with dpkg/apt.

Slind includes:

You can download the iso (387MB) from

Slind Wiki: