Emdebian Crush Quick Start

This is intended to be a quick start guide to Emdebian and (emdebian-crush).

Crush is the cross-built flavour of Emdebian with functional differences to standard Debian. Only ARM (OABI) packages exist for Crush 1.0 and there are significant problems adding any other architectures. Crush development is on hold until after squeeze release.

See the Emdebian website for more on Emdebian Grip - the flavour of Emdebian that is binary-compatible with standard Debian and available for seven architectures, arm, armel, mips, mipsel, powerpc, i386 and amd64.

emdebian-tools is only available now in Debian stable. In Debian unstable (and soon in testing), Crush is built using normal Debian build tools and then post-processed using the scripts in emdebian-grip and configuration files from emdebian-crush.

See also EmdebianRootfs and Multistrap.

Install pdebuild-cross

$ sudo apt-get install pdebuild-cross
$ sudo pdebuild-cross-create

Customised Emdebian sources

Emdebian keeps a few packages in customised versions, where such customisations will provide suitable functional differences and dependency changes. Alternatively, you can use your own modified packages.

These steps are still experimental. In time, source packages will be available to download. For now, some packages are available from SVN.

Once you have the sources, cd into the package directory and cross-build.

$ cd /path/to/foo-
$ pdebuild-cross

The next stage is the Emdebian Developer Guide.